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Gratitude Transformed My Day


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If you feel your heart closing for any reason, making the conscious choice to take a moment, sing HU, and focus on gratitude can help open it back up. This is no small thing. Your day will be fundamentally different if your heart is open versus closed. God speaks to and delivers His blessings to an open heart.

Excerpt from “Testimonies of God’s Love – Book 4.”  AVAILABLE NOW


One recent morning I made a special effort to get out of the house early. I planned to stop at a large home improvement center on the way to work. I love to walk the long aisles of lumber and hardware, happily imagining all the things I could build with them. I see not just stacks of lumber, but future sheds and snug homes for my animals. I also see other projects to enrich the lives of my wife Diane and me. My intention that morning was to check out aluminum fascia and soffit for a project I had in mind. I had about fifteen minutes or so to spend in the store.

I was greeted by a friendly store employee who directed me to the aisle where he thought I would find the aluminum soffit and fascia. There I found the same products in vinyl but not aluminum. I spent about ten minutes fruitlessly searching for either the aluminum or someone else to help me. I was aware time was running out and felt some irritation creep in, it was about time to go on to work. On the way out I encountered the same helpful man who had originally sent me to the wrong location. He still wanted to help. Although skeptical, I decided to give it one more try. I followed him to another location where he thought we might find the aluminum. It was not there either, but we did encounter another employee who informed us the aluminum I sought was only available by special order. I thanked the first man who had twice tried to help me, wished him a good day, and left for work. I knew it would be tight, time-wise.

As I drove to work I was aware that I was a little irritated over the lost time. I did not want to arrive at the school where I work under the influence of irritation. I chose to sing HU, a love song to God, to improve my mood and perspective. I also played a CD of a large group of students singing HU at the Nature Awareness School. At the beginning of the CD Del Hall, God’s Prophet, suggests we think of something for which we are grateful. This would open our hearts to better express our love for God when singing HU. He reminds us “Gratitude is the secret of love.” Del has taught me to sing HU and practice gratitude. He has shown me to see and appreciate how these and other spiritual teachings transform lives. My life is richer and happier for it.

Hearing the physical voice of Prophet, God’s distributor of blessings and grace, triggered a wave of gratitude for the countless blessings in my life. Hearing HU opened my heart more and more as the song continued. Each remembered blessing was connected to still more blessings. I thought of my growing love and appreciation for Prophet. I savored the love of my family, friends, and pets. I was on my way to my new job. The job is literally an answer to a prayer to work in just that school. I gratefully considered the attitude of gratitude that sweetens my life. Gratitude transforms day, upon day, upon day; a result and gift from Del’s teachings. So Del’s seemingly simple, yet very profound, suggestion to think of something I was grateful for released a cascade of remembered blessings. My earlier irritation was gone. I felt a sense of joy and gratitude for the day I was about to experience. I could not wait to get to school and see the kids and teachers.

Blessings were everywhere I looked. As I drove I saw more clearly the beauty of nearby farms and distant mountains. I took notice of the horses and cows in the pastures and the mist on the hazy mountains. I actually arrived at school a few minutes early since I sailed through several intersections on green lights, something else to be grateful for. I gave further thanks for my relocation to Virginia. I arrived at work with a lighter step and a smile on my face. Gratitude made a profound difference in my interactions with others that day. Through the attitude of gratitude I experienced each moment as a gift to be savored. I saw each person I encountered as a fellow Soul on their own life adventure. A few moments of gratitude transformed my whole day. This ongoing gift of living with a sense of gratitude is changing my entire life. Gratitude allows me to see God’s blessings more clearly and for what they are, gifts from our loving Heavenly Father. I know I am blessed with a life of lasting abundance.

Written by Irv Kempf

Another Moment Together


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Many have longed for another moment with a loved one who has passed on. They look forward to the day when they are reunited in Heaven. Please know you can visit with your loved ones now in dreams and spiritual contemplations. These experiences are just as real; do not discount them.


On a beautiful summer morning during a weeklong class at the Nature Awareness School I was given a very short dream. During it my spiritual teacher, Del Hall, asked me, “Did you get to see your dad?” He was referring to the experiences we had during a HU Sing in class the night before. At that very moment I remembered seeing a glimpse of my dad towards the very end of the HU Sing that I had forgotten. I wrote it in my journal and thanked Prophet for this gift of remembrance.

Later that morning as I closed my eyes in appreciation, I wished my dad well. I knew Prophet’s presence was with me, and I could feel his love in a warm breeze. As I did my dad spiritually appeared right in front of me! I hugged him and felt his bony shoulder as I leaned my head on it. I miss him so much. My eyes watered as they are watering now, reliving this gift. Wow! I got to spend a few moments with my dad who passed away a few years back. God gave me this tailor-made experience through His chosen Prophet. Prophet loves me and knows me so well. You too can be blessed with such precious moments.

Written by Olga Boucher

More Freedom Less Worry


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When we are overly attached to the decisions our loved ones make it becomes harder to love them purely. They are a child of God first and as such they will never be on their own. Learning to love them in a relaxed peaceful way will help you savor the love connection.


It came as an unexpected surprise when my adult daughter decided to attend a HU Sing during her impromptu visit with us one weekend. Two weeks prior, before any of us were aware she’d be visiting, the Prophet — my spiritual teacher and inner guide — appeared to me in what I can now say was a prophetic dream. In this dream, he explained that my daughter had contacted him about an upcoming class, indicating in some way that she wanted to surprise me. It wasn’t long before she did! Two weeks later we were seated at a HU Sing together.

I feel fortunate to have been among those in attendance that day. Sharing the experience with my daughter made it that much more special. The moment I closed my eyes and began singing HU, I saw her as a baby securely cradled in the arms of the Divine. I recognized her as Soul—a beautiful, glowing bundle of Light and Sound. My heart overflowed with an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Different moments from her life began to play out after that, allowing me to experience each one from the perspective of knowing that the Presence of God has always been with her and always will be. A higher truth was evident: Although she is my daughter in this lifetime, she belongs to God and has always been in the loving arms of her Heavenly Father. The peace and trust I felt in this moment can hardly be put into words. Being totally in the moment, aware of the Presence of God, I experienced detachment from worldly concerns of every kind. Divine love filled my heart and I felt free; free to simply love.

Prophet took me on a personal journey into the higher worlds and it changed me. The experience was tailor made to bring me peace, trust, and a greater understanding of love, as it is in Heaven. Through this experience I was able to recognize my two grown children as adults, which has positively affected how I interact with them. I am less emotionally attached to their decisions and free of the expectations I once carried of being invited to weigh in on their decisions. I now have room to enjoy their presence and relate to them as treasured friends; precious Souls I am blessed to share this life with as we each make our way home to God.

It is a profound gift to savor the experiences of life together, unfettered by the emotional entanglements I once mistook for love. I am grateful to the Prophet for showing me a higher, purer way to love. One that allows me to care in a relaxed and peaceful way.

Written by Sandra Lane

Taking Care of Business


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When facing challenges in life we can handle them better if we surrender to the guidance and flow of Spirit. Prophet can lead us through anything. This doesn’t mean we don’t make the effort to prepare and plan; we still need to do our part. The greatest of which is being receptive to Divine guidance.


During some of the early years in which I attended retreats at the Nature Awareness School my teacher mentioned enjoying the song “Takin’ Care of Business,” by Bachman-Turner Overdrive, and we even listened to it during some of our class breaks. Although I remembered this song from when I was a teenager, it took on a whole new dimension in light of the spiritual training I was receiving. Not only is it fun, upbeat, and motivating, it also reminds me of how we are here to “take care of business” spiritually — to wake up to our true Divine nature, nurture our personal connection with God, and help others to discover their divinity. Over time this song has become part of my personal “awake dream” language. When I hear it, it opens my heart, reminds me of my spiritual priorities, and of my cherished relationship with my teacher Prophet Del Hall.

In the past year I have been blessed with a huge door opening in my life; after decades of being a freelance professional musician I am now teaching music at a college. It is both fun and exciting, yet extremely challenging. I find myself way out of my comfort zone much of the time, dancing on the precipice where preparation meets surrender. I have pondered on the fact, that some of the things I have been doing professionally for so many years are much more challenging to teach than I thought they might be.

Recently I sat in my car about fifteen minutes before my afternoon songwriting class began asking Prophet for help. Although I think I was doing a satisfactory and functional job delivering the material, there was a flow, or a “sweet spot” I just had not found yet. I was following a rigid outline and nervous to depart from it. I knew my students had way more potential than had been brought out, and so much more to share if they just felt a little more comfortable opening up. I knew there was more. I also knew there was nothing I could do to make that happen; I had to surrender. I sang HU for several minutes, helping me relax, let go of my mind chatter, and focused inwardly on spiritual guidance.

As I entered the classroom I felt a strong nudge from Prophet to put on the song “Takin’ Care of Business.” The guidance was just to put the song on, without introducing it or saying a word. After it was done playing, I began a discussion with the class. It turned out the song was a perfect segue into the outline I had already planned for the day. Instead of sticking to the outline however, I allowed the discussion to unfold in a much more spontaneous way. One by one the students shared on a deeper level than I had ever heard before, and I was talking less and listening more. I felt I was more in the role of a “facilitator,” which is something I have witnessed and aspired to from observing my teachers Del and Del IV facilitate their classes.

I am grateful for being given the experience of being a facilitator that day. By surrendering my personal agenda and going “off-script,” I was actually more in alignment with God’s script and in the flow of Spirit. And the prayer that was in my heart was answered: more important than covering my exact lesson plan that day was my desire that the students and I share an experience of openness and connection. The points in my outline that were important still got covered, but in a more seamless and inspired way than I could have ever planned or thought of on my own. God loves each of us and wants to help us take care of the everyday business of our lives, whatever that may be. Thank you Prophet for always knowing the best ways to help me “take care of business!”

Written by Laurence Elder

Dear Lord, Who Am I Really?


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It is the first story in our exciting new “Journey to a True Self-image” series. A beautifully written account of one woman’s journey from shame to being comfortable in her own skin through God’s Love and her own personal effort. Let Joan’s honesty, wisdom, and humor inspire you to make the journey for yourself. There is no reason to feel bad about yourself for any reason for any longer. Truly being comfortable and happy with who you are is possible. This book will help you make it happen.




God’s Love is All Around Us


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We are here on Earth to learn more about giving and receiving love. Of the two, more tend to struggle with receiving love rather than giving love. Fortunately, the Divine presents us with countless opportunities to practice, for if one desires to truly give love they must first be able to receive it. We cannot pass on what we do not have.


I attended a wonderful reunion recently. There I was blessed to experience God’s Love in a circumstance that was different than I would have imagined. Every moment can be an opportunity to give or receive love, no matter where we are – at church or at home, at work or at the store. Or in this example – cutting cheesecake.

It was a perfect mid-summer evening. I was standing around the table with my family and friends, enjoying the sweet laughter and familiar sounds of those I love while I was slicing the cheesecake for dessert. Suddenly, I began to feel weak and fainted. Two men stood at the table beside me and caught me as I began to fall. My husband watched me begin to faint and raced around the table to catch me before I hit the ground.

For those of you whom have fainted before, you can probably relate to the anxiety with which you come back into your body, unaware as to why people are looking down at you with such concern. Slowly I realized what had happened. With my husband at my side like a rock of solid love, I received a chair in which to rest until I gained back my strength. A friend who is a physician’s assistant began to ask me questions to decipher what had happened, but there seemed to be no logical explanation for it. It was an unexpected and random event which contained a hidden blessing.

As I was recovering in the chair, I became aware that God was opening a window for me. Through it, He was revealing a greater portion of His Love for me through my friends and family. I knew at that moment that He has that same love for each and every one of us, including you. More love than we could possibly imagine is all around us – all the time.

For the next ten minutes as I regained stability, I could feel God’s Love pouring into me. I could now see what had always been there. Gratitude streamed out of my heart. I am so blessed to love and be loved by my husband. His strength and devotion became even more apparent to me that night, shining forth through a turbulent moment. How sweet that was and still is!

Around the room stood other people in my life whom I love and who love me. Disguised as human love, I received a portion of God’s Love in each thought or prayer of well wishes and each compassionate look in their eyes. As a friend gave me a glass of water, it was God’s Love that was passed into my hand and heart. Each touch on the shoulder, each cold rag on my forehead did the same. They were all gifts of love from God, just in a different form – given from Soul to Soul. It was a very precious moment. To be loved is no little thing, but a huge gift from God that I cherish.

I also felt so protected. I had been in precarious places to faint earlier that day – at the edge of a creek, on a large rock in the woods, and alone in the bathroom. Yet I fainted at the precise moment in time where I could receive the most care. I could see the concern in my husband’s and friends’ eyes, understandably, but I knew that somehow this was part of God’s plan for me. Throughout the whole experience, I was blessed to be keenly aware of the Prophet of God’s presence with me. His presence gives me a comfort and security that transcends any physical experience. With him I was aware of a  sphere of soft golden and white light surrounding me and the entire room. Inwardly, the Prophet gave me reassurance that everything was fine, which helped me to relax and be present in the moment.

On this wonderful summer evening, I was given the opportunity to see and accept more of God’s Love. For years Del Hall has taught me and others to recognize God’s Hand, and His Love, in all areas of our lives. And in this moment of physical vulnerability, God’s message got through to me. I saw His Love in everything and everyone around me. Throughout my life I, like many others, have found it easier to give love than to receive it. This night was an opportunity to just accept it. Thank you Prophet for helping me to see and accept more of what has always been around me – God’s Love.

Written by Molly Comfort

Traveling the Speed of Light Before Dinner


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A dish to be washed, a bill to be paid, a bed to be made. In life there will always be something “urgent” which tries to take all of our attention. It requires a conscious choice to make time for what is truly “important” and nurture our relationship with the Divine.


Phew. It had been a long day. I had taught my three children in home school, and watched three infants/toddlers in my daycare. Needless to say it was a busy day, from snacks, to dishes, to diapers, to schoolwork. But now I had about fifteen minutes of time before the oven timer would sound, indicating that dinner was ready for my three hungry children and husband. The kids were quietly engaged in their own activities. How would I choose to spend my time? There were reminders of urgent things all over the house, the laundry, the sticky floor from a toddler spilling juice, dishes in the sink, phone calls to make and those dust bunnies that had been hiding under the couch for a week. We all have our lists right? Yet even though we take care of things, the lists never really end. The next day there are more dishes in the sink and the kids need a bath again. Oh, the joys of a busy and full life!

This evening though, I chose to put my relationship with the Divine before the urgent matters of the day. As I laid down onto my bed, I was so grateful for the quiet and began singing HU, a love song to God. As I sang, I could feel the weight of the day falling off of me. With each HU I relaxed more into the comfort of my bed. As I sang I saw the Prophet in my inner vision. Suddenly we were traveling at the speed of light. My whole day and my whole life remained on Earth as I traveled with him. Then, I became aware that we were beside a vast ocean. I experienced such freedom as I became a dolphin flying through the water. In and out of the water I dove, and I twirled in absolute freedom. Oh the joy of movement not bound by the limits of my physical body. Then a new scenery appeared. I felt a waterfall flowing over and through my body. Any remaining tiredness was cleansed from me. This was true relaxation. As I continued I heard a low humming sound in the distance. It was not a physical sound, but a spiritual one. It is hard to describe what it sounded like in words, but hearing it uplifted me. I felt even more rejuvenated. The Prophet spoke to me, giving me clarity and a solution to something that I had been working on.

The timer rang and it was time to continue on with my evening. I bounced out of bed, ready to face anything that the evening could bring. I was relaxed, rejuvenated, and uplifted by singing HU and choosing to put the Kingdom of Heaven first in my life, during that brief window right before dinner. Thank you Prophet for the wonderful and refreshing journey into Heaven!

Written by Molly Comfort



The Best Christmas Gift Ever


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If someone offered you the opportunity to have your own direct experiences with the Holy Ghost, to feel God’s Love personally, to gain wisdom on the mysteries of life, bring more love and balance into your life, and nurture a deeper relationship with the Divine – would you accept it? If so, here is your chance.


The best Christmas gift I ever got came the week before Christmas, 2004. It was December 17, a day that would change my life forever.

The gift was not a new possession. It was not something that could be bought or sold in any store. The gift was this: a trusted friend taught me to sing HU (pronounced hue), a sacred love song to God. HU is an ancient name for God that can be sung quietly or aloud in prayer. HU has existed from the beginning of time in one form or another and is available to all regardless of religious path. It is a pure way to express your love to God and give thanks for your blessings.

When he shared HU with me I could feel that it was something very special. We sang HU together and I saw the Light of God for the first time. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before. It was more than just light; it brought a message of joy, clarity, peace, and most of all, that we are loved and not alone. Even though I had gone to church often as a child, this was the first time that I actually felt connected to the Holy Spirit. I have come to know that Jesus and all of his disciples sang HU. Singing HU conditions you to receive God’s Love, and as we are able to receive more of God’s Love, our lives become blessed with abundance (John 10:10).

After sharing HU my friend gave me a brochure for the Nature Awareness School where he had learned about HU fifteen years before. I signed up for the first class that I was eligible for and my life has never been the same. Looking back to that December day in 2004, I had no idea the amazing journey that lay ahead. All I can say is that God is real, God loves you, and His mighty Hand reaches out to you.

Written by David Hughes

Past Life and Promise of Healing


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The Light of God can manifest in many different colors. Sometimes the specific color will provide additional insight into the experience. For example, many times orange light will accompany physical healing or insights into a past life. In the following example the author experiences both.


One of the ways that we grow as students of the Prophet, Del Hall, is to take his teachings home, integrate them into our lives, and go deeper. After a weeklong retreat this summer I invited his inner presence to join me for a HU song and contemplation. I had a soft intent to gain more information from the retreat and help myself with recurring neck and shoulder pain.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning and I was on my deck admiring the vegetable garden. We had just started harvesting some of the vegetables. It always amazes me what can grow from a tiny seed. I was reminded of the many seeds of truth Del had planted within my consciousness over the years that now bear fruit. The birds and insects were singing and I decided to join them. I began to sing HU, a love song to God. My heart was full of gratitude for my upcoming wedding. Although I was happy, my body was experiencing pain. I had tried numerous therapies for a few months, which brought temporary relief. This particular morning I remembered a spiritual exercise where we can ask our inner guide to bring God’s healing orange Light to an area where we have illness or pain. I decided to do this during the quiet time after singing HU.

I had a strong awareness of the Prophet’s inner presence with me. I became more tuned in to a sense that there was no separation between us. I was within the cosmic fabric that sustains everything. A strong reverence for the presence that encompassed me gave way to an orange effervescent light that cascaded over my being and into my physical body. It went to the source of pain, which unexpectedly became an impression of an arrow breaking through the left side of my upper shoulder from behind. This immediately sent a shooting nerve pain into my neck. It really hurt.

This was the recurring pain that I kept having off and on. Still deep in contemplation, I remembered that orange light is also one way God can reveal past lives to us. There was a lot of orange light in my inner vision. A name from a past life and time period came to me. I knew that I was not this particular person from the past, but the clue was that I was alive during this time in history and had sustained a battle wound in this area of my body. I had a vision of breaking the wooden shaft off where the arrow came through. I pulled the weapon out of my flesh. There was a sense of an infection that set in many days later and no more was revealed to me.

After this contemplation the pain that was there subsided. It had been dulled through this experience as if God’s Prophet put a soothing balm on it. I was given a knowing that I need to be patient with this healing. It had many layers and would not be in my best interest at this time to simply fix the pain and move on. There was more to come over the year and I would get it as I could accept it. This lifetime was thousands of years back. I suppose I should have been more surprised at this but I wasn’t. Anything is possible with God’s Prophet. I can testify that he will do just about anything to help us (with our permission) to accept more of God’s Love and more of our own Divinity. This is one of many occasions when I was given such grace.

I had been conditioned for this gift of love during the weeklong retreat I attended and frankly, over many lifetimes. Being taken back several thousand years was not random. The pain I was having wasn’t random. It all ties into my personal journey over the years. There is a golden thread of love and truth that connects every experience I have and ever will have.

I was given a blessing with God’s orange Light which brought insight into where my neck pain originated, temporary relief from the physical pain, and a knowingness that I am in the middle of a healing that is going to take more time to become permanent. It is a gift of love to be reassured of this, which brings greater trust throughout the process. I have come to learn that I have an easier time giving love than accepting it. With each healing from the past a greater ability to accept love has been given to me. The greatest joy I have found in life is the joy of giving. However, one can only give out what he or she can first accept.

I am so grateful to have learned some of the language of God. I know that many times colors of specific light are an expression of love, which contains infinite blessings.

Written by Tash Canine

A Beautiful and Familiar Sound


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There are very few things of greater value we could share with you than HU. HU (pronounced hue) is an ancient name for God that can also be sung in loving gratitude as the purest of prayers. It raises you up and opens you up to be able to accept more of God’s Love. The author of the following story shares her experience of singing HU for the first time in this life.


The first time I heard about the HU it was slightly out of my comfort zone. I had certainly listened to hymnals growing up and felt uplifted by some of them, but I had never heard about just singing a love song to God as a prayer. So when Del said he wanted to share something very special with us at the end of my class at the Nature Awareness School, it was out of the box that I had about religion. I had tried chants before in yoga classes as a teenager and honestly did not really enjoy them. Would this be like those? No. Would singing this sound bring me closer to God? Yes. Would singing this song really express the love that I felt inside for the Heavenly Father? Yes. Would it be a true prayer? Yes.

I trusted Del. Everything he had taught me so far had rung true and I was willing to give something new a try. There was nothing to lose, and maybe there was actually something to it. And there was.

When the class of about twelve people started to sing HU I felt a little awkward at first, but the more I sang, the more I relaxed. I remember what Del had said before we started, it does not matter so much what your voice sounds like, it is about the love that you send when you are singing. And the more I relaxed, and focused on sending love in each HU, the more familiar it sounded. It was like I remembered this sound, even though I had never heard it before. We sang for about fifteen minutes, and it was the most beautiful song I had ever heard. I heard sounds within sounds. It actually brought tears to my eyes. This was Heavenly music. This was a completely new way for me to pray, to just say thank you and I love you to God. As we sang I just knew that God had heard me and felt such a deep peace knowing that. Something seemingly so simple had touched me deeply.

Now, after almost fifteen years of singing HU, I have grown to understand the value of the gift he gave me that day. Singing the HU has changed my life. I am so grateful to Del for teaching me this prayer. I am also grateful to have had the courage that day to try something new, to briefly step out of the little box I lived in, and experience a new way to express love to the Divine. The HU, a love song to God, so simple, yet so pure and beautiful.

Written by Molly Comfort


Grateful for the Time I Had


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This story is about more than the loss of a beloved pet. It is about having the wisdom, trust, and strength to focus on the positive in a time of genuine sadness. Those who have this attitude of gratitude will be able to travel through the rough patches in life with less wear and tear.


I am eleven years old and I had an amazing, amiable boy cat named Adam. His personality was adorable and I loved him dearly. He knew how to give and receive love. On March 11, 2015 my family and I had to take him to the veterinarian and put him down. He had a urinary tract infection which had damaged his kidneys. He was only three years old and I was extremely sad! I trusted God and knew in my heart this happened for a reason, but it still hurt. Even so, I decided it would be better to be grateful for the time I had with him instead of being sad about the time I didn’t.

I know you can visit loved ones in dreams so I asked Prophet several times over the next few nights for a dream with Adam. I did not receive one right away but kept asking and never gave up. One night I had a wonderful dream with him, it was so clear. In the dream I was climbing the stairs to my room to go to sleep. When I opened the door Adam was sitting right there on the floor next to my bed. Once Adam saw me he quickly scrambled under the bed like some cats do. Sadly I got in bed, wishing he had not scurried away. He then peaked his head out with a look on his face that said, “Oh… you want to pet me.” He then snuggled up close to me purring loudly. I could feel his warmth as I scratched his furry little head. It felt so real! I cried both joyful and sad tears. I am very grateful that God and Prophet knew I missed him. It helped me a lot seeing him again.

After a few months I started wondering about getting another kitten as a gift for my upcoming birthday. I then received a magazine I subscribe to and it had a kitten on the cover, which it never does. The month of the issue was my birthday month. I was then reading a book and the girl who had always wished for a kitten received one for her birthday. I took these signs as confirmation of what was in my heart: I was ready for and desired another cat.

I will always have a strong love for Adam as well as for my new kitten, Milo. I’ll always remember Adam and the amazing gift that God gave me.

Written by Zoe Hall

Alzheimer’s Loved Ones Get Second Chance


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It is hard losing a loved one to Alzheimer’s disease. Even harder living with any sort of regret for not expressing your love one more time, or saying you are sorry for something. In this situation a dream might offer you some peace.


One of the hardest things I have found about losing a loved one to Alzheimer’s Disease is that you do not have a final opportunity to say everything you want to say, to make sure you really say “I love you” and “goodbye.” You realize one day that while your father is still alive in a body, in many ways he is gone. You cannot talk about your feelings, he cannot share his – it’s too late. It is a little like when a loved one dies suddenly and unexpectedly. I am so grateful to know that with a little effort, and by opening up your ideas of how communication between two Souls can happen, you can continue to have contact and all the blessings that come with it.

There came a point during my father’s Alzheimer’s that I knew we would never have a heart-to-heart in our physical bodies again; he was having such trouble understanding the simplest things, like where the kitchen sink was. But I knew that dreams are a very real place where we could talk. I let God know in prayer that I would like to clear up some old issues with my father before he passed away, and shortly after that I had a dream where we came together to talk. Ahead of time, I had thought he would apologize for his mistakes and that I would forgive him, but when we actually met in the dream we both came to the point quickly with a mutual, “Hey, I know I’ve done things to hurt you, I’m sorry for them, let’s move on.” In the dream I was my true self and could own up to my own mistakes better than as my waking self. I got the sense that back and forth in various past lives both of us had hurt the other, but all that truly mattered was our deep love for one another. We were not going to count hurts and expect compensation, we were dropping it all. It was the briefest of dreams but I came away from it with a knowing that we had cleared the air in the deepest sense, and we could leave the past in the past and simply love each other.

After my father passed away, I discovered that my mother, widowed after fifty-five years of marriage, was not at all at peace about his death. First of all, she had deep doubt about whether there was life after death. She had a horrible pain, wondering if in dying he had ceased to exist at all. I felt honored to be the daughter she shared this with, and I tried to offer her my confidence that her husband still existed. That he is and always will be a unique child of God, not here but indeed somewhere, fully himself, whom she would see again someday. I felt some of it seep into her. While she needed to borrow my confidence, part of her trusted the reality of what I described. I left her to percolate on these things and develop her own confidence in them, knowing she should not be pushed.

A few weeks later I had the nudge to find out her current feelings about my father’s death. I asked her if she had feelings of guilt, and she readily admitted that she did. She felt she had not been as good a wife as she could have been. At first I tried to reassure her that she need not feel guilty, that we all do our best but fall short of our own expectations. But then she said something that really struck me, “Do you think he knows I’m sorry? Is he aware?” This showed me that she had reached a place where she trusted he still existed after death, and this was a leap forward from where she was a few weeks before. Now she just needed to be reassured that he could still hear her. I did that, and took it a step further: “You can hear him too. Imagine what he would say back.” And she did; she told me she pictured him reassuring her, gently urging with a bit of a chuckle, “Oh forget it! Don’t worry about it!” I felt a shift, a release in her, a loosening of a burden. It was almost like he said it to her at that moment, as she described it to me.

Knowing we can work through problems with loved ones when physical communication is not possible is exciting and reassuring. We do not need to carry regret forever over words not spoken. Sit and close your eyes, sing HU, and have that conversation now. Or ask God to bring you together in a dream. It is real and it can heal both of you.

Written by Joan Clickner


One Door Closes Another Opens


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Each of us is Soul, a Divine child of God, that can be used by Spirit as a blessing to others. To allow the “Word” to flow through us, it is best to be “tuned in.” Singing  God’s Holy name, HU, with love in our hearts is one of the best ways to do this. There is no greater joy than allowing the Holy Spirit to work through us to bless another.


After I received a job transfer I met one of my new coworkers named Sandy. I found out Sandy was quitting her job at the end of the week because management would not let her change her schedule so she could pick up her daughter from school. She was very helpful getting me acclimated to my new surroundings, and I was a little bummed out she was leaving. On Friday several employees planned a party for Sandy to wish her well in the new life she was about to embark on. Friday morning before work I tuned in to the Divine by singing HU, a love song to God, and also declared myself a clear channel so I could be ready to assist the Prophet in sending God’s Love to wherever it’s needed. Little did I know that God had a special blessing for Sandy. I was about to be called into service as a coworker with Prophet to help pass on his blessings.

About nine o’clock all the employees were called over to the banquet tables that were set up with lots of food and drink in honor of Sandy’s last day at work. As I made my way over to get some food I found my feet wanted to go in a different direction. Sandy was a couple tables away from me, and I soon realized I was being pulled as if by a “tractor beam” towards her. It became clearer as I got closer to Sandy because Divine Spirit was downloading words into my heart to share with her. So while she was getting something to drink I stepped up next to her and said, “It takes a lot of guts to do what you are doing and most people wouldn’t quit their job.” The next thing Divine Spirit gave me to say was, “This is kind of how the Holy Spirit works, you close one door and another door opens, so don’t worry, everything is going to work out.” Sandy looked at me with her eyes about as wide open as they could get, which told me she knew the words I had just spoken were not from me but from God. Only God could know what she needed at that moment as she was about to give up her livelihood.

Now for the rest of the story. Shortly after she left, Sandy was hired at a similar position in a different office where they had no problem working with her schedule. Sandy’s story can teach us to trust in God and His current Prophet who can help us navigate through life’s changes even if we are not aware of His presence. Del, my spiritual teacher at the Nature Awareness School, is God’s Prophet of the times who is here to help all Souls and has personally helped me through many of my life’s changes.

If you desire to be more aware of how the Divine works in your life sing HU several times throughout the day to tune in to the Divine. As your awareness of the Divine Hand of God increases, so will your joy in life. Especially when going through uncertain times like Sandy, you will know God has got your back. This happy ending brings to mind the Bible scripture: “Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?” Matthew 6:26 KJV

Written by Sam Spitale

To Soar Like an Eagle

Whatever the endeavor might be, concepts and book learning can only take you so far. In the case of trying to more fully recognize and manifest your divinity, as Soul – an eternal spiritual being, actually experiencing the qualities of Soul does way more than merely talking about them. Those with a living teacher who can help facilitate experiencing the boundlessness of Soul are most fortunate indeed.


During a recent retreat at the Nature Awareness School my spiritual teacher Del provided us an opportunity to experience more of our true selves as Soul. As God’s ordained Prophet he is authorized to guide seekers on journeys to the inner Heavens. He gently helps his students get to know themselves as the Divine spiritual beings that they are. On this particular day I was blessed to experience the exhilarating freedom of being unchained from the confines of the physical body and its limitations.

Prophet began by asking us to think of something we were grateful for as a way of opening our hearts. I thought of my pet chickens and rabbits that bring joy and love to my life. This brought a big smile to my heart as we sang HU, a love song to God. He then invited us to follow him up through the top of the room we were in, pointing out that in the spiritual worlds walls and physical structures were not barriers to Soul, which is made of God’s Light and Sound. I left my outer body sitting in the chair as I rose up to the ceiling with the Prophet in our light bodies. The roof of the building just seemed to melt away as we passed through without effort. Looking down I could see the pond, the school, Del and Lynne’s house, and its lights.

Prophet then suggested we think of our favorite bird and I immediately thought of an eagle. I found myself soaring high above the trees and mountains. My large eagle wings moving in deep, slow, strong motions that propelled me through the air. I maneuvered unencumbered by the limitations of my earth-suit or the laws of the physical world. I felt free! I was tasting my Divine nature and the boundlessness of Soul. My vision was excellent. I could see even the smallest of details on the ground and watched various critters scurry in the grasses below. As a way of reassuring us that we were still our individual selves even though we were out of the body, Prophet asked us to think of someone we loved. I thought of him, as our love connection is so precious and close to my heart.

Together we soared up the valley and I saw Vision Rock, an outcropping of large rocks on school property that has a magnificent view. It is a special place to us students. I remembered sitting on those rocks watching birds soar by or hearing jet planes roaring overhead and wondering what that might feel like. Now I had an idea, but this experience was not just a joy ride to me. It was sacred and purposeful. It also had qualities of peace, calm, assuredness, and strength that came from somewhere deep within.

Just then, Prophet said, “Do not go too far, stay close to the school property.” I think he may have been talking to me. I was having such a great time savoring the freedom and exploring in this way that I may have gone a little farther than he wanted so I circled back and made sure I stayed close. When it was time to return from our adventure we were asked to gather as a group and circle the pond. I still recognized other students in the class even though they appeared as light. Once we were all there Prophet gently and carefully guided us back down into the building and into our earth-suits.

We are so much more than our physical bodies. We are Soul first that has a body. What a profound and life changing perspective! For those of us blessed with this experience or ones like it, this statement is not just a mental concept or even a belief. It is reality. The Prophet arranges these types of experiences for his students so that we may gain first-hand knowledge of the truth in this statement and activate the qualities of our true self. With Prophet in my heart and by my side, I soar as a spiritual eagle in this glorious reality that is Soul.

Written by Lorraine Fortier


My Dream Swimming Pool


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The days seemingly turn into weeks, months, and years faster with the passing of every season. Through this passage of time the loss of our loved ones is one of the experiences that hurts the most. Even if we have a strong faith in the afterlife it is still sad to no longer be in the presence of our loved ones physically. Fortunately, we can reconnect in dreams and once again share moments of love.


Missing your parents after they have passed on can make your heart heavy sometimes, but when you are blessed with a dream with both of them it can lighten your heart, lift your spirits, and make you grateful for the opportunity to see them again. My parents passed away a couple of years ago and sometimes I go through moments when I really miss them. Sometimes I think about them and the love they shared with each other and to our family and others and it opens my heart. One night I went to bed and said a prayer. I asked Prophet and God, if it was their will could I be blessed with a dream. I did not think of anything in particular to have a dream about, but left it open for Prophet to choose.

That night I had a dream with my mother and father. We were at our house where I grew up and we were standing in the backyard. When I was growing up we had talked about putting a swimming pool in the backyard; at least I did. We had the space for it and I thought how great it would be to be able to swim and float in it when ever we wanted. In the dream as we stood in the yard I decided to wander over to a place where my mother had grown grapes. The vines grew on a fence that my father built especially for her so she could grow grapes. She loved her grape vines and as a kid I remember picking grapes so my mother could make grape jelly and grape juice. As I walked behind the fence where the vines hung, there appeared a pool, a natural spring pool or pond. It was in a circular shape with smooth large stones that lined the bottom and lined the edge of the water. The water was crystal clear and it was very inviting. When my mother saw the pool she immediately wanted to go in. My mother in her later years struggled with walking and always needed assistance in the form of a cane or walker. In the dream I helped her to the edge of the pool and then I helped her in. I got in with her, the water was cool and refreshing, it also was soothing and healing. I helped my mother float around and she gently kicked her legs. She was so happy.

Growing up my mother did not learn how to swim, she would sometimes comment that she wished that she had learned how to swim because she would have enjoyed going in the water much more and not be afraid. In the dream she was totally at peace floating in the water. While we floated my father came to the edge of the pool and I asked him if he wanted to get in, he said yes and decided to sit down and put his feet in. He gently moved his feet back in forth experiencing the refreshing water on his feet and legs. Both of them had big smiles on their faces. Seeing their smiles opened my heart. I was so happy to see them again and to see them do something that brought them joy. I gently floated my mother over to my father and they looked at each other with such love in their eyes and hearts, I could feel it. They turned and looked at me and then I woke up. As I awoke I began to cry, I was crying because I was so grateful for that experience with my parents in the dream. As I lay there I thanked Prophet and God for the dream and for answering my prayer.

After reflecting on the dream I knew that the dream was a true blessing! In my heart I specifically asked the Prophet for a dream, and I received one. I felt that God and His Prophet gave me this dream because they love me and wanted me to know that my parents loved me too. It was also a chance to see my parents again and to know that they are fine, plus swim in the pool that I always wanted. This dream was comforting, uplifting, and healing, and just when I needed it! Thank you Prophet for allowing this to dream to happen, I am very grateful!

Written by Golder O’Neill

Teacher of the Heart


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Witnessing selfless acts of love and kindness can inspire you to do the same. This will lead you to a more abundant life. Those who have a teacher who is a living breathing example of giving back to life in everything they do are most fortunate indeed.


In an early class I attended at the Nature Awareness School there was a student who had recently lost a loved one. At the end of class, Del, the teacher, handed out a small gift to each student in class – a small blue bead that represented our personal experiences with the Divine we each had been blessed with during class. He picked one for himself then gave it to the student in honor of their loved one who had recently passed. I was touched deeply by this. It did not seem contrived or done for effect. It felt genuine and sincere and from the heart.

When I arrived home that act of generosity stayed with me. It kept tugging at my heart until I decided I had to do something, to respond to it in kind. So I sent my blue bead to Del with a short note. His small act had triggered something within me, an innate trust for him buried there. In the note I identified him as a “teacher of the heart.” I am pretty sure I had never even heard that phrase before I wrote it, or given much thought to what one was. Yet I knew without a doubt that he was, and is, just such a teacher. Since that day, he has shown me I am so much happier when I give without expecting anything in return other than the joy of giving. “Giving is its own reward” goes the cliche. It has proven to be very true in my life. It turns out I was not the only one moved by that simple gesture that day. Another student had in fact been similarly touched and had sent their bead to Del as well.

This story is a happy one. Both me and the other student received a replacement bead at a later class, which I was not expecting, but was silently hoping for, and overjoyed to accept. Mine will always remind me that a “Teacher of the Heart,” one who teaches by lessons and by example, is a rare and precious gift. A teacher who hears and speaks to our hearts, who is fluent in the Language of the Divine, and who is adept at reading us better than we often know ourselves. A teacher who knows how to help us be the best we can be spiritually. The kind of teacher to give us practical tools to live a better life; the abundant life God has planned for us. The kind of teacher God would send to His children to help remind us He loves us and wants us to return home again.

Written by Chris Comfort

Every Day is a Gift From God


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An attitude of gratitude makes all the difference in life, and fortunately there is always something to be grateful about. Perhaps the greatest gift, which can sometimes be overlooked, is the gift of life itself. The small things that sometimes get us down melt away when we remember the blessing of being alive to live another day in God’s Love.


Have you ever considered that God gives us the exact experiences we need in life to help us to know that His Divine hand is in everything? I have been blessed by a true spiritual teacher, Prophet Del Hall III, who has helped me to recognize that no experience in life is simply random or coincidental. It is all a part of God’s plan to help us to grow closer to Him and to recognize that His Love is all around. I was blessed years ago when Prophet helped me to recognize the Divine gift of working with a man who showed up at my job one day. His name was Juan, and he had recently arrived in Virginia from Honduras. He was an air-conditioning and refrigeration mechanic by trade, but due to economic problems in his home country he was now working on a landscaping crew with me and trying to save as much money as he could to send home to his family. My supervisor assigned him to work with me most days because I was the only one on the crew who could explain the details of the job to Juan in Spanish. As we worked together for long hours in the hot summer sun I began to see  he had something precious, as precious as any American dollars, he had a grateful heart.

One hot humid afternoon as we pruned bushes next to a busy street, we began to talk about the spiritual side of life. Juan was a devout Christian who spoke about the Bible and God in a reverential tone. He at one point paused and said emphatically, “Every day is a gift from God.” His words went right into my heart. In that moment there was nothing to stress over. The hours of working in the summer heat, the traffic noise, feelings of loneliness since a relationship had recently come to an end, nothing that had been bothering me in days past, mattered at this point. It was a gift to simply to be alive for another day with God. While I felt Juan speaking from his heart in that moment, I know that it was also the spiritual presence of Prophet, the Voice of God, who was speaking words of Divine wisdom through him.

That conversation with my friend from Honduras helped me to look at life with a more grateful attitude. I went on to enjoy many more conversations with Juan as we became good friends. Many years have passed since I last saw Juan, but his words stay alive in my memory. Prophet, through his inner presence, has often taken me back to that moment when Juan expressed his gratitude for God and reminded me of what a precious gift of Divine love each day, and each moment, truly is.

Prophet Del Hall has also shown me that not only is each moment a precious gift from God, but that many of the people that we cross paths with in life may also be the carriers of profound gifts of love. One day when I was talking with Del about how I felt blessed to be able work with immigrants like Juan and to help them to feel more at ease in the United States, he raised the possibility that maybe Juan was a spiritual teacher who God had sent to me, because I was the one who needed some help. He certainly did teach me about gratitude and how to keep a positive attitude at a job that was not always pleasant or easy. He did this not just by things that he would say, but mostly through the example he set of often having a smile on his face and a sense of humor while he worked with enthusiasm, regardless of the weather or the task that we were assigned.

I have grown to appreciate that the Voice of God, the Holy Spirit, is always communicating to us. Sometimes the communication comes to us through the friends, co-workers, and seemingly random strangers, as well as from within ourselves. What a privilege it is to know that there is a Prophet of God upon this Earth who can help us to hear the Divine voice and to be alert to its presence in all areas of our lives.

Written by Roland Vonder Muhll

Call Your Trainer – One Hour Window


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As convenient as modern technology can be, it has its obvious limits. If you do not have your phone, you’re not getting the call. If your internet is down, you’re not seeing your emails. Fortunately, the “inner” communication of Soul is always up and running and can get the message through to those who know the “Language of the Divine.”


It is amazing and beautiful how God’s timing works. Several years ago I did a search on Craigslist for a personal trainer to help me get in physical shape. I said a prayer and asked for God’s guidance to know which trainer would be the right one? God knew. After talking to several people at gyms and fitness facilities, I was lead to the right person. We trained in his fiancee’s garage – not in your normal gym. This was perfect.

We had fun working out and began talking about God, events from our childhood, and the everyday ups and downs in life. We were getting in shape both physically and spiritually. As we talked we saw the blessings and miracles in our lives. We looked deeper into the events that were happening to us and appreciated Gods guidance. We discussed how going through tough lessons in life have made us stronger, and as we went through them, we knew we were not alone. God has been there every step of the way. The year we spent training brought our families together and I was the sister he never had. We kinda adopted one another. We do not always have time to call one another on a regular basis, yet we know we are there for one another.

I had a part time job between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I was working double shifts so it did not leave me much free time. On a Friday afternoon as I left work I got a strong nudge to call my trainer. It was the end of a very long week and all I wanted to do was get something to eat and go to bed. But I scrolled thru my phone for his number but my thumb hit the wrong contact number. “Yes” I said “I would like to talk to that person, but not now.” I kept scrolling and again pushed the wrong contact. I still had this strong urge that I have to talk with my trainer. Finally I got the right number.

I called and there was no answer so I left a message. He called back. I said “Hey, how are you and the family doing?” He says “we are all doing good, I’m a little stressed right now. Are you going to be there?” I asked what he was talking about. “I have been trying to get a hold of you for two weeks now. I dropped my phone in the toilet and lost all my contact numbers. My fiancee and I are getting married in one hour.” I was surprised and asked him to repeat what he said. “We are getting married at the township magistrate in one hour, can you be there?” “Ahhhh, yeah, but I am still in my work clothes and I do not have time to go home and change.” He told me that did not matter, that me being there is what mattered to him and his fiancee. He said “Did you get my email with the details?”  I said “No, what email, I have not received anything. I am following the nudge I got.” I asked if he had said any prayers and he answered “Yes, I prayed last night and asked God for someone from my family to be there for me.” I said “Well, your prayers were heard and answered.”  So, I turned the car around and headed to the marriage ceremony.

As a student at the Nature Awareness School I have learned to listen to and follow the nudges. Every time I do, it turns out to be a blessing. I am so grateful God communicates with me. It was beautiful to see my adopted brother and his fiancee get married. Thank you Prophet.

Written by Rebecca Vettorel

Happiness and Self Control


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God has given us the gift of being able to choose our state of consciousness. This choice is made daily by our thoughts, actions, and attitudes. The choice on whether to focus on things that close our hearts or on things that open our hearts is ours. What a sacred responsibility and opportunity.


Several months ago God gave me a dream that really helped me. I dreamed that I was asleep and in the dream I woke up and went downstairs to find the two main doors in our house were open a crack. I felt uneasy about this. Were they open all night? Was someone in the house? Were they left unlocked? I awoke with a slight uneasiness still lingering inside.

I knew this dream was significant, but I was unsure of what the Prophet was teaching me. I decided to take this into contemplation. This is a most amazing way to receive insight from the Divine. I started by singing HU, a love song to God, with the intent to understand the dream better. I realized while singing HU the doors were symbolic of areas in my life that were gateways to negativity. After singing HU I sat quietly and asked the Prophet to help me see areas that I was allowing this negative influence into my life and consciousness. The Prophet showed me that I had been allowing thoughts of unworthiness to linger within me. These were subtle thoughts of doubting that I was worthy of love. I was not drawing clear boundaries of what I would allow myself to think about. This was due to sloppy thinking and not staying nourished spiritually.

I began to sing a special prayer “The Prophet loves me. I am worthy of the Prophet’s love. I accept the Prophet’s love. I love you Prophet!” I felt my heart begin to fill even more with love. I felt relief from the doubt that I had allowed into my state of being. With this doubt removed, more of God’s Light and Love could then come into my heart! A discourse from Prophet then flowed into me. It is my privilege and responsibility to safeguard what I allow into my consciousness. My consciousness is like my home. I want it to be warm and inviting to God and His Prophet. I want love in my home and it to be a safe welcoming place for my loved ones.

Then Prophet showed me that the other open door in the house was anger. Just the night before I felt anger over something and then I noticed how that anger bled into another issue. I began getting upset about things that were fine! It happened so fast. Prophet gave me clarity to see how quickly I can go down an unproductive road when I get angry. Having the feeling was not the problem, but focusing on it and dwelling in that state was like leaving an open door for more negativity to enter. It is important for me to have self-control in this area and I appreciated this lesson from the Prophet. This is not the first time Prophet has made me aware of this particular passion of the mind.

Prophet explained that there could be other areas to be watchful of, but that the main point was to be aware of my thoughts and remember that it is a God given gift to be able to choose what to focus on. My life is full of God’s Love and that is what I want to focus on. Staying spiritually nourished by spending quality time with God’s Prophet is key. It is because of my relationship with Prophet that I am able to live a life of more freedom than I used to. I have the freedom to truly be happy. Thank you, Prophet!

Written by Carmen Snodgrass