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God’s expresses His Love to His children daily in countless ways. No matter what shape or size God’s Love takes, there is nothing “small” about it. The recognition of God’s Love in your life brings a profound sense of peace and comfort.

Excerpt from “Testimonies of God’s Love – Book 4”

Several years ago an extended visit to Sedona, Arizona was suggested to me by my spiritual teacher Prophet Del Hall. This visit was to help me get through a particularly confusing and troubling time in my life. Del’s suggestion helped me through my confusion and literally saved and changed my life. It was a journey of love and self-discovery, filled with adventure, Divine experiences, and personal lessons of love; all orchestrated by the Prophet.

Arriving in Sedona my destination was a small cottage owned by a couple, Tom and Jean, who warmly welcomed me to my new home. During a friendly conversation several days after my arrival, Jean recommended an Italian Restaurant for dinner that evening. She heard the restaurant received excellent reviews, but she was unable to give specifics, just a name and general idea of its location. Around dinnertime that evening, lonely for home, family and friends I took a drive to explore the area and also look for the Italian restaurant Jean had suggested earlier that day. Singing HU, a love song to God as I drove, I asked the Prophet for help and guidance in finding the restaurant using the vague directions from Jean, but had no luck. Feeling discouraged I pulled into a parking lot to re-group. I looked up at the building I had parked in front of to discover I had parked directly in front of the Italian Restaurant I had been searching for!

Sitting in front of the restaurant crying tears of joy, an incredible peace enveloped me. Because of this personal and simple yet profound experience, I knew with absolutely no doubt the Prophet was there with me, responding with love by answering my prayer and guiding me to the restaurant.

For the duration of my stay in Sedona, away from my home, family, and friends, I never again experienced loneliness. The Prophet was with me and I was blessed everyday with his love and guidance. When I was in need of conversation the Prophet fulfilled that need, sending people my way to offer stimulating conversation. On two separate occasions these conversations lasted for over an hour and were beautiful, amazing conversations. When thoughts turned to my dogs at home; missing their loving companionship, the Prophet sent me a dog, a beautiful yellow lab to sit with me, silently offering love and companionship until his owners called him away. When I was in search of entertainment for the long evenings, Prophet guided me to a local thrift store where I found several excellent books that were on my list to read. These beautiful experiences are just a few of the many I was blessed with during my stay in Sedona.

These experiences could be labeled as mere coincidences, but I know better. The Prophet’s greatest gift to me during this confusing time in my life was these personal and simple, yet profound, experiences that are sacred and remain forever in my heart. They revealed to me how much the Prophet truly loves me, hears my prayers, and is with me always. So, the next time you find yourself labeling a personal and simple yet profound experience as mere “coincidence,” look deeper as I have, and know God’s Love is shining on you and is with you always.

Written by Donna Hospodar