The Nature Awareness School is now Guidance for a Better Life.

Finally – a name that fits truly fits. But why and how did we get here?

Twenty-nine years ago the Nature Awareness School was born. Inspired by helping folks feel more comfortable in the outdoors by teaching awareness and the primitive living skills needed to survive in and enjoy the woods.

An amazing thing happened within those first few years though. Students began to experience God in very personal and dramatic ways. By stepping away from the hustle of their daily lives for a few days, enjoying the beauty of the Virginia wilderness and school grounds, and relaxing by the pond, students hearts opened and they became more open and receptive to the Divine Hand that is always reaching out to it’s children. More and more the discourse at retreats shifted to the meanings of dreams, personal growth, finding balance in life, and experiences with the Voice of God in it’s many forms. More and more spiritual retreats were offered to fulfill the demand and the wilderness survival skills classes faded away completely.

So what to do with the name Nature Awareness School when all your classes are now focused on spirituality and personal growth? We created a patch job of sorts by adding a subtitle to our name, “Manifest your Divine Nature.” We could now keep our name, Nature Awareness School, but shift it towards spirituality instead of the outdoors. It worked – although it never felt 100% right, but changing a name is a big deal.

Well after twenty-nine years the time has come to take the bold step of doing it. It’s bitter sweet to see the end of the Nature Awareness School where we’ve experienced so many wondrous things but we know the time is right. It feels great to have a name that clearly describes what it is we do. Our print books, eBooks, audio books, YouTube videos, Blog, and mountaintop retreats in Virginia all provide Guidance for you to have a Better Life. When someone sees the name “Guidance for a Better Life” it’s pretty obvious what we have to offer.

WE INVITE YOU to continue on our journey with us as Guidance for a Better Life.

Life is a gift from God – let us help you more fully recognize and embrace it.

You can experience more joy and happiness in your life – we can help show you how to make this a reality.

You can find balance and stability in life – there is no need to let every passing headline or daily event steal your peace.

Healing your wounds is possible – nothing is out of reach when one learns how to more fully open their heart to God.

God’s truths and ways are available to you and can transform your life for the better – let us help you experience and come to truly know them for yourself.

You can come to know and experience God and God’s Love on a very personal level – our fourteen books are filled with miraculous modern day testimonies that demonstrate this again and again.

Believe it or not – God always has a living Prophet here on earth to help show you the way home and to experience more abundance in your life while you are here. God’s Prophet today is Del Hall, and you have the opportunity to grow spiritually through his writings, weekly videos, and mountaintop retreats. His guidance for a better life is available for you – please accept it.



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