Our newest book “My Call To Spiritual Freedom” is NOW AVAILABLE. This incredible story written by Nitasha Canine is full of spiritual wisdom that has the power to bless your life. Let her journey help you bring more love and freedom into your life by inspiring you to transcend the labels you (or society) have put on yourself. You are first and foremost Soul, a Divine child of God, and should not be put into any “box.”

The following is an excerpt from the book – enjoy!



It was the late 1970s and I was preparing for bed. The top bunk was mine and my younger brother Sky had the bottom bunk. Mom and Dad were in the room just beside ours. We all lived in a two-bedroom and one bath home in a country setting in Laurel, Maryland. Our room was dimly lit as we lay face up bolstered with pillows, each with something to engage our young minds. Sky’s book was all about dinosaurs and mine was a National Geographic Magazine on ocean life. I marveled at the various species of fish and wondered what it might be like to someday swim in the ocean. I was six years old, drifting off to sleep quite peacefully as I normally did while looking at pictures in a book or magazine. Soon I found myself in a light spiritual body with the exact same physical features I had as a young girl. My shoulder-length brown curly hair and round face were the same. My eyes were blue and my small lean arms and legs looked the same, but I shimmered as if encased in a suit made of light. I floated through the ceiling in my light body and exited my house through the roof. I was in a dreamlike state but also consciously aware of what was happening while my physical body slept in the top bunk of my single bed. As I floated around the perimeter of our home I could see our brick rambler was painted white, and the front porch light was on.

The purple-flowered wisteria bushes offered a pleasant fragrance about the property. Colorful flowers adorned the perimeter of our house. I noticed our very large catalpa tree in the backyard and several dogwood trees off to the side of our home as I slowly floated in my spiritual body. My father’s garden was vibrant with tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and other summer vegetables. The air was warm and humid around me and there were no other homes for miles. We lived on a government-owned property consisting of over three hundred fenced acres, which was part of the work arrangement my father had. For Sky and me this was a childhood wonderland. There were ponds, creeks, gravel roads to bike on, and plenty of woods for building forts.

My father was part of a program designed to bring back endangered species. His specialized work was with whooping cranes, the tallest North American bird. This and the sandhill crane are the only two species of crane found in North America. One of the bird areas was close enough to our house that I could hear the distinct whooping sound each day and night. It was always in the background — one constant in my changing young life. Still in a dream state I was testing my ability to control my flying skills. I flew just above the grass as fast as I could. It felt as though the thought of going from where I was to where I wanted to go was all I needed in this light spiritual body to get me there. I would think, “I want to go really fast,” and I would be flying at exhilarating speeds. When I wanted to slow down I would think, “I want to slow down,” and it would be so.

I flew over the cranes, and the full moon and stars gave me enough light that I could see their white feathers and red heads. Most of the birds would go inside their enclosures to sleep, and some would stay outside and gracefully move about the night as if patrolling. It looked like a bird security system. When I was done exploring I would think of my cozy bed and slip in through the rooftop to float effortlessly back into my physical body. If I had any trouble getting back into my body I would think of my big toe and usually this focus was all it took, and I would wake up in my bed. This was a huge blessing in my life at the time, which I did not appreciate because it happened so frequently and naturally I did not think it would ever go away. I am not sure why the ability to travel spiritually left me but a couple years later it did. I missed the freedom greatly and throughout my life hoped to do this again…..