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It is in Soul’s nature to care about the well-being of those we love. How can we pray for someone without trying to control their life or presume we know what is in their best spiritual interest? The following is a great example of helping without trying to control or presume to know what is best for another.

Some years ago a beloved relative, a young woman, was dating a young man. Over time it appeared their relationship was unhealthy, and while I did not know for certain, I suspected he was abusive in some way. I sensed that something was different about her after she got involved in this relationship. She was making some very unusual choices that were altering her life and was lying about them. She abruptly dropped out of college, detached herself from a loving family, and moved to a distant town with her boyfriend. Loved ones, especially her parents, were distraught over the situation.

I too was concerned for her safety and well-being but did not want to interfere with her life. After all she was an adult and was supposed to be capable of making her own choices. I generally do not get involved in the personal affairs of others because I do not want to encroach uninvited, but I love her dearly and wanted to help her in some way. I did not know what to do, so I asked God for help. I wished her the best and hoped she was truly happy with her decisions and lifestyle, but if she was unhappy and trapped in a bad situation, I prayed for God to protect her and let her know that she is loved.

One day I sang HU, a love song to God, and reflected on a recent experience during a guided contemplation at the Nature Awareness School. During the spiritual exercise I received a beautiful golden robe from the Heavens above. Del, the Prophet, helped me understand this gifted robe is a source of God’s loving comfort and protection to the one who wears it. During this time of reflection, I also thought of this young woman, and Prophet, my trusted spiritual teacher, took me spiritually to visit her. I saw her sitting on a couch watching television but she did not recognize our presence. I sat on the couch with her for some time and simply expressed love to her. Divine love filled the entire room. I had a nudge and desire in my heart to give her the golden robe for comfort and protection should she ever need it. Guided by Prophet, I gently placed the golden robe around her shoulders and gave her a hug. I wished that she could accept this special gift and turned over the outcome to the Divine. After all, God knows exactly what we need and when we need it.

Over the next several days and weeks she occasionally appeared in my dreams or contemplations where I gently expressed to her how much she is loved. Sometimes I saw her enveloped in a glowing blue bubble of light, which is another form of Divine protection. Several months later I received a phone call with news that the young woman feared for her safety in this abusive relationship and wanted to come home. This was a special day because Divine Spirit arranged a narrow window of opportunity setting the circumstances for her safe return home to her family. The timing that day was perfect in several ways. Her mother is typically not home during the day, but she was home that day to receive the call. It happened to be the first time in months that she talked to her parents. A snowstorm was forecast for that day but was late arriving, which allowed for safe travel conditions. When her parents arrived to pick her up, the boyfriend was conveniently away from the house, which averted a possible confrontation.

God’s Love and protection saved this young woman’s life, and I am blessed to witness it and be a part of it. God loves each of his children and has a desire for us to share this love with each other. Divine love and grace conditioned her with the courage, strength, and opportunity to come home that day. The timing of events, the brief window of opportunity, and all the seemingly random “coincidences” were truly miracles, the Hand of God, working in her life. Over time Divine love continued to heal the emotional scars of her experience and nurture a lasting love connection with her family. This is a testimony to the power of God’s Love.

Written by Chris Hibshman