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Christmas is a time to celebrate the love God has for us. We are each known, guided home, and loved personally by God. This love can come to us in many ways. One of the most direct is to experience God’s Light in your inner vision or in the physical itself. The following is a beautiful example of the latter. What better Christmas gift than being comforted by the Divine.

Beam 2 xmas 2013

I was walking on the beach while visiting family on Long Island, New York, on Christmas Day, 2013. Although I was having a relatively good time and enjoying their company, there was a loneliness that I had been experiencing for a period of time. The ups and downs of everyday life, as well as having no significant other to share them with, had led to a low-grade melancholy that I think I was not even fully aware of.

It was late afternoon and the sunset was drawing near. I started to become aware of a distinctly different pattern in the sky, and in all my years of experiencing sunsets, I had never seen anything like it before. There was a beam of light in the sky coming directly down from the Heavens. This beam was golden and perfectly vertical, as if someone had literally carved it out of the clouds behind it. At the bottom the light fanned out and spread across the land and sea in great golden waves.

As I stood there and watched in awe it became more and more distinct. It did not change or dissipate. On the contrary, it was as if time stood still. Everything became very quiet. The amount of light seemed to stay the same even though it was dusk and night was falling. The colors and patterns in the sky were suspended. There was not a breath of wind. And although it was a very cold day, I ceased to be cold.

I stood enveloped in the pure peace and stillness of God’s Love, and as my spiritual guide Del has taught me over the years, one of the ways to recognize the presence of the Divine is in the form of a beam or column of light. I have experienced this beam of light many times in my inner spiritual experiences, so I had already been conditioned to recognize the gift when it manifested physically. I knew very well that I was having a full-blown experience with the Light of God.

There were many gifts and treasures that came along with, and remained in the afterglow of, this sacred experience with the Divine. And probably many more that I cannot even begin to fathom. The following day I continued to feel God’s Presence very strongly – and perhaps deeper than ever before; it was more a part of me and I more a part of it. That presence was in my consciousness at every turn. I experienced a great many things at once; a combination of gratitude, awareness, love, trust, balance, clarity, and very deep peace. It was as if I had literally received a download of Divine attributes.

As I prepared to write about this experience I found myself returning to it and reliving it on a deeper level. I had insights and awareness that I had not even been conscious of before. I realized I was not simply remembering or recalling something; I was re-experiencing something that is alive and fluid, and still available to nourish and uplift me at any time.

Perhaps one of the greatest pearls of this experience is how personal my relationship with the Divine is. God knew my heart was heavy, even more than I did, and personally gave me a gift of love, hand-delivered, on Christmas Day. He reminded me that when I am fully immersed in His Presence there is nothing else I need. Although I still have ups and downs in my life, I am forever changed from the experience. The bar has forever been raised on what is possible and attainable for me spiritually, and for any one of God’s children who has the genuine desire to connect with him.

Written by Laurence Elder

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