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Some people ask “Why does God allow suffering?” It is however not that God allows suffering, it is that God allows us the freedom to make our own choices and our choices have consequences. This is a higher gift of love than taking away our freedom to keep us safe would be, for we learn from our choices – the good ones and the bad. This truth is hard to fully understand and accept if looked at through the lens of “we only live a single lifetime.”

One night I was home in my bed preparing for sleep after a week-long retreat at the Nature Awareness School. I began to sing two spiritually charged words, Prophet and HU. Before singing I had a soft intent to learn more about some topics we had discussed at classes this year. One of the topics was the law of unity, which allows one to see the big picture and the details of a situation; a higher view from many angles. I also hoped to learn more about how to allow myself to genuinely feel concern for others, which I do, without impinging on their free will or losing my peace because of their choices. I wanted to accept more of the freedom being offered to me as a student of the Prophet.

With this gentle intent I began to drift off to sleep. I awoke within a dream where I met the Prophet in a sort of in-between world. We were in a blank space together and I was encompassed in a dark blue light. I could see stars and galaxies all around us. Prophet extended his hands and I accepted them. We went on a journey through the many worlds of God. Del, in his Soul body, raised me up above the worlds of God and I could see the overview of a vastness that is inexplicable. There was no beginning or end to the spheres within spheres of galaxies and universes. I knew I was viewing as much as I could of God’s creation, the big picture. As soon as I could blink we were walking through a scene that felt like a sort of “hell.” It was a place where there was extreme poverty, grief, and oppression in the deepest sense. As we walked past these scenes I saw an abundant display of cruelty and ignorance, most too graphic to describe.

In one scene a father and mother were injecting themselves and their child with heroine. Some might wonder how God could allow this. A part of me wanted to stay here in this place and help these Souls, but how? A prayer entered my heart and I asked Prophet to extend whatever grace he could to these Souls. Whatever you can do for them, I pleaded. Just then a golden light flowed from the Prophet into my heart and out to those Souls. A sense of deep peace flowed into me and I knew that I could move on. I knew that I had to. It was not my place to stay there. They had been given whatever they needed and I had peace not knowing or needing to know what that was.

“God gives Soul freedom to choose what it wants to do. Free will is a gift and if we pray for others to do what we want them to do or what we think they should do we are violating their freedom,” said Prophet in his radiant majesty. As we continued through this nightmare I wished every Soul well. I prayed that they would realize the true dreams of their heart. I also surrendered the outcome of my prayers to Prophet. “Thy will be done, not mine.” Just then I heard the words “They too are loved by God, no less than these Souls.” The Prophet pointed and I looked.

Now we were in a very high plane or mansion of God. There was lightness and peace from everywhere I looked. A golden light surrounded us and we seemed to be in an ocean resort. Everyone was happy here. There were Souls serving other Souls and they seemed genuinely joyful to be able to serve others. This place looked like where people typically go on vacation to be served, but ironically the Souls here were servers. They were servants of God, the happiest of all Souls. This was such a drastic change from where we had just been. I wondered what the difference was between the Souls in the hellish place and the Souls here in what seemed to be a type of Heaven. An answer came, perhaps it was their choices. The Souls dwelling in the lower consciousness were making more self-indulgent choices and the ones dwelling in the higher consciousness were making more selfless choices. Choices had been made in prior lifetimes as well as this current one. The circumstances they were in were not random. There was Divine perfection to everything. I could see it. This gave me a profound sense of peace.

Each Soul had a syllabus and was learning and growing even though it appeared that some of the lessons were very harsh. These courses took place over many lifetimes and on many planes not just the physical. I was shown this big picture overview on what real freedom looks like in this dream experience. It was the opposite of what we are told here on Earth. Social etiquette for the most part teaches us to attain status and power so that we can have others wait on us. In my dream teaching with Prophet, the Souls serving God and His creation were the happiest and freest. They felt God’s Love the most and were able to pass it on. They were able to move about God’s many spheres of existence and were not overly attached to anything in any of the vast worlds.

When I woke up from this dream experience I thought of the Bible scripture Psalm 55:22 “cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you.” It doesn’t say don’t care, but rather cast your care to the Prophet of our times. In doing so, I did not become overly attached to saving the hurting Souls I saw. If I would have done that, I myself would have been trapped in that place. By consciously walking with Prophet and giving my prayers to him, I knew exactly what to do and what not to do. I wasn’t being asked to get involved. I knew my prayer was heard and answered. I could literally see the blessings I prayed for being offered. What I learned was that the Souls dwelling in the higher Heavens were not loved more than those in the lower worlds. They were each loved equally. The Souls dwelling in the higher planes had graduated to different lessons and experiences via their choices. I believe that my detached prayers, assuming the Prophet would know what was best, allowed me to stay above the fray but still be helpful. There was a balance. Helping others is about giving ourselves over to God through His Prophet so we can be used as Instruments for Him that uplift rather than getting pulled into situations by strong emotions and attachment to outcomes.

I still felt sadness for the Souls I encountered in the harsher lessons but I was not overcome by it. I could cast my care into the loving hands of the Prophet who knows Souls better than I do. There is emotional balance, joy, stability, peace, and freedom in that. I am a sensitive Soul. There was a time when I tried to numb myself to the sorrows of the world. That brought me unhappiness. My relationship with the Prophet gives me the freedom to feel for others without losing my balance or peace. I have better boundaries. I no longer hurt myself in order to help others. When I am genuinely moved for another I ask: “Prophet if there is something I can do, let me know how I can help. If not, whatever you can do for them, your will be done, not mine.” On this dream journey I learned that every Soul is heading back to the Heart of God eventually. There were many planes and certainly more than one lifetime per Soul. The world that looked like hell was not a fixed state. The Souls there would not be there indefinitely. Every Soul is loved by our Creator. None were alone. The Prophet’s presence, although unbeknownst to some of them, was there. Within the many mansions of God are His children learning and growing to one day accept His highest honor, servitude; The blessing of loving all life more than oneself. With this comes real freedom.

Written by Tash Canine