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God blesses us with the insights to live a life with less regret, but won’t force us to follow the guidance. It’s up to us to implement it and to do it in a timely manner. This story also shows how a loving God can provide another chance at a missed opportunity.

Excerpt from “Testimonies of God’s Love – Book 4”


My father’s health had been declining and within a short time period was failing rapidly. I had been in contact with him a few days prior and during that time his lucidness and comprehension of the current date and time were off. Also, he was not being an easy patient to take care of for his wife, my stepmom. My father had been challenged through life with some mental instability and depression. From my view his day-to-day life was filled with fear and worry. His first marriage to my mother was not filled with much peace or love that I could see. I did see that in his current marriage there was love and happiness, but due to his mental challenges those times were fleeting. Worry and fear were more constant companions, from my experience and observation. I feel true happiness and the experience of joy were never really known by him. I held a prayer in my heart from an early age that my father would have love in his life, and as I got older the prayer also included the wish for him to experience peace and joy.

I lived five hours away so the phone was our primary line of communication. I had a nudge one night to call, but it was late and I was tired so I decided to call the next day. I had been taught by my teacher, the Prophet, about the importance of following our nudges within the window of time we receive them because they are communication from the Divine. In this case I did not listen. When I called the next day and talked to my stepmom, I found out they had sedated him and were continuing to do so for his safety and comfort. He was now in hospice care, and I recognized I had most likely lost the opportunity to speak with him one last time. I wanted to tell him I loved him, and God loved him. I wanted to assure and comfort him about the transition of life he was going through, and tell him there was nothing to fear. In addition, I was holding a little guilt about the last conversation with him; I had not been as kind with him as I could have been and wanted to apologize.

I have been taught and know to be true, we are never alone; Prophet is always with us. After I got off the phone I immediately went to Prophet on the inner and apologized for not following my nudge to call the night before. I said a prayer of gratitude for his love and his care of my dad and stepmom as they were going through this challenge. I was singing HU, a love song to God, and immediately found myself spiritually in a room with my father who was resting comfortably in a bed and was fine. There were other Souls present, some I recognized as family members who had passed on and others I did not know, but their presence was comforting, and there was gentle light in the room.

My dad saw me and his face lit up; with me was Prophet, another spiritual teacher, and Jesus. He looked at me and said, “You know Jesus?” I said, “I did” and introduced Prophet and the other teacher to him. They greeted my dad and then left us to visit together. I had the opportunity to say the things I had wished to say and to hold his hand. After some time had passed it was time for me to go. I knew without a doubt my dad was being cared for and comforted, and we had our chance to say the things in our hearts. Even though his physical body was dying, he as Soul was alive and well. We were both gifted with the prayers in our hearts being answered. We both had one more opportunity to express love and caring to each other. What a huge gift to us both.

Within the week he passed on. Through the experience of my dad’s passing, I will testify that the transition of leaving one’s physical body when dying can be a comfortable and peaceful one. I was at a class at the Nature Awareness School when my dad passed. The night before his passing, in contemplation, I saw my dad in a wheelchair being pushed by Prophet and the other spiritual teacher. My dad had a warm blue blanket wrapped around him. He waved and smiled, and I could feel he was at peace and happy. The color blue and the blanket indicated to me Prophet was caring for him during this transition. The color blue is a color Prophet uses as an indication of his presence.

The next morning a friend at class shared she had a dream about a man in a wheelchair being wheeled onto a cruise ship, and she could hear his laughter. I knew that was my dad she saw, and he was being gifted with a joyful experience. You might wonder why she had that dream and not me. She is a dear friend and Prophet gave her the dream to validate my experiences in case I had any seeds of doubt. The Prophet is with all of us. He hears the prayers of our heart, and my prayer for my dad was for him to experience peace and joy. Through my relationship with Prophet and in singing HU, I have been gifted with multiple blessings. From these inner experiences I know that we are loved, cared for, and the prayers of our hearts are answered in God’s time. They are gifts of His Grace.

Written by Renée Walker