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You have no choice in whether or not you affect the people around you. The choice you have is – in which way. Do you want to uplift the people in your life or pull them down?


Like many other times I have attended Nature Awareness School, I do not realize sometimes how uptight I am until I walk onto the property. What brought this into focus was when I attended the recent group HU Sing. The HU Sing was nothing short of amazing. A large group gathered to sing HU, an ancient name for God and a love song to God. Del mentioned before we began to sing HU to relax and let someone else “drive the bus” for a while. I did not realize at the time how that was going to apply to me directly. When I sing HU what usually occurs for me is a sense of peace and calmness which begins to permeate my whole being. But this time Divine Spirit not only showered me with peace during the HU, but also showed me how to relax and the benefits of being relaxed.

As we began to sing HU a blue orb surrounded by a golden yellow light filled the screen of my inner vision. After a few minutes of the inner light I became aware that my hands and arms were tensed up. I then remembered the words Del had said, “relax and let someone else drive the bus for a while.” As I consciously began to relax all my muscles a deeper peacefulness started to descend upon me. During the quiet time following the HU the peacefulness set the stage for Divine Spirit to get through to me in the form of a daydream. In this daydream I was shown a brick oven that was packed with combustibles ready to start a fire. But I could not get the fire going because air could not flow with the combustibles being packed so tight. I was directed by Divine Spirit to pull out some of the combustibles to loosen it up a bit and the fire took off into a roaring flame.

The daydream came into my thoughts so subtly that I almost disregarded it as restless mind chatter. Thanks to Divine Spirit I got a nudge to take another look at the daydream and what I got from this experience was that the more I relax, loosening up the combustibles, the more of God’s Love, the roaring flame, can flow through me. As I was contemplating relaxing and letting God’s Love flow, a thought popped into my head, there’s more. This daydream experience answered a prayer that I had the night before the HU sing. In my prayer the night before I asked God why my three-year-old son has not listened to me lately.

The answer to my prayer was to not to let changes in life, such as our family just having a second child, make me become uptight and impatient. That is what my son was picking up on, my tenseness and impatience. He was just responding to what I was dishing out. On the flip side, being shown by Divine Spirit how to relax and let God’s Love flow through me will have a corresponding effect on those around me.

Singing HU opens my heart to God and raises me up to perceive things that I would not normally be able to perceive. This HU experience/daydream that I was shown was a very personal experience for me with perfect timing by Diving Spirit. I am very grateful for the HU and Nature Awareness School. I now have a greater awareness of how to relax and let God’s Love flow.

Written by Sam Spitale