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Often there are things that happen in life we could easily write off as lucky coincidences. Learning to recognize them for what they actually are, Divine guidance and protection from a loving God, will bring more gratitude into your life which changes everything for the better.
I had been having trouble seeing at night. My vision would get blurry and I would see fuzzy halos around lights. I lived on a farm then and in the summer I would let the horses stay out late into the evening so they could enjoy the grass without the flies and the heat of the day, but it was also dark and I was having increasing difficulty finding the horses in the field.
It was when I had gone to a doctor for something else that this just happened to come up in conversation. I remember she paused, then almost like you might recount a dream, said she remembered something from way back in medical school about how seeing halos can be a sign of increasing pressure in the eye, glaucoma. This seemed kind of out there at the time but I went for an eye exam. The test the optometrist did showed my eye pressure as normal, so I thought I was done with that. I wasn’t.
A short time later I noticed something on my eyelid. I thought it was just a stye, but it got bigger, so I went to an eye doctor. He told me it was something called a chalazion, a growth that can be treated with medicine but often comes back, so he sent me to another eye doctor. When the technician came into the exam room she asked if I was to have my pressure checked. I told her I had just had it checked and that I was there for the chalazion thing on my eyelid. For some reason she did the test anyway and left the room. When the Doctor came in he looked pretty serious and he was not focused on my eyelid. He told me the pressure in my eyes was very high, dangerously high, as in I could go blind high. He put drops in my eyes that would temporarily reduce the pressure and said to continue using them exactly as he instructed, and to call right away if there were any changes. He told me I needed surgery as soon as possible.
I had the surgery, my sight was saved. I was protected. Oh, and that chalazion thing just went away as mysteriously as it had appeared and never came back. God speaks to us all, all the time, but we often do not recognize the many ways He communicates to us. This time for me it was in the unusual remembrance of a doctor, the seemly illogical decision of a technician, and a completely unrelated eye problem. Maybe you have sometimes wondered if there was something more going on in a situation, beyond the obvious. Perhaps the Divine is guiding you, as it did for me, to something better. I am grateful to recognize the Hand of God in my life throughout the day. It changes everything for the better.
Written by Pam Kisner