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It is a special moment when Soul first consciously experiences the Light of God. The Light can manifest itself in many different ways but the message contained within is consistent. “God loves you and you are not alone!” As students are blessed to repeatedly experience the Light of God in Its many forms they become more acclimated to being in Its presence. They can now accept even greater amounts of peace, joy, clarity, love, guidance, and truth.

My first experience with seeing the Light of God came during a spiritual retreat at the Nature Awareness School in October 2000. I had been taught the HU the year before. Occasionally during that earlier weekend, Del would invite us to take a blanket and go find a place to sit alone either in the woods or by the pond or on a rock. After settling in to our surroundings, we would close our eyes, focus on the area behind and slightly above eye level, and reverently sing HU, an ancient name for God. He explained that when sung with a grateful heart and as a love song to God, this vibration tunes us in to the realms beyond what our physical senses can detect. It begins to wake up our spiritual senses, and at the same time helps heighten even our physical senses to be able to perceive more of what is around us, a very valuable skill.

This time we stayed in the building and sang HU in a group for a few minutes, then sat quietly afterward with our eyes still closed to watch, listen, and receive. In that relaxed receptive state I saw with my eyes closed, lots of blue dots, then yellow, and streaks of white light. Then I saw waves of blue light fly up and out like doves ascending right through the ceiling. I felt a deep sense of gratitude and love, like I was being invited to “fly” with Spirit. I was shown more yellow, blue, and white lights, and then green light in abstract patterns. I am so grateful for this gift from God, it was like God was saying, “Hello, I love you” and took me for a tour of the Heavenly realms and back! I learned that the colors indicate which state of consciousness one is being lifted up to, for a glimpse of what it would be like to dwell there. I had heard people say many times “God loves you” and “Love lifts you up.” This time I experienced these truths personally!

Since then I have been given many, many inner experiences with the Light and Sound of God, each tailor made for what I needed at that time in my spiritual growth. These experiences have lifted my perspective and given me insights and clarity to make better decisions in life about everything from daily activities to major career changes. I now know the Light and Sound of God dwells within and all around us all the time, whether we are aware of it or not. We are never alone. Thank you God!

Written by Paul Sandman