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One of the greatest blessings is when we receive clarity on a major decision we are trying to make. Spirit can use anything in our life to help deliver this clarity to us. It can also give us the courage to follow our heart and act on the guidance we receive.

It was a difficult decision to move on after twenty-two years in a relationship. For quite some time I had been on the fence about my decision and the indecision was wearing me out, along with the relationship itself. I did not have the energy and courage to follow through. The inner and outer guidance I was getting indicated it was time, or past time, to make the decision and move on. That got my attention, but distractions seemed to keep popping up to delay my taking action.

I decided it would be important for me to attend the May weekend spiritual retreat at the Nature Awareness School. Prophet provided very helpful clarity and input that weekend, thank you! Nearing the Virginia border on my drive back to Asheville, North Carolina, I thought I heard an alarm clock going off. I closed the car windows and the sound stopped. Well, a few minutes later this whole scenario repeated itself. Again, I closed the windows and the sound stopped. I tried to reach around in the car for where my alarm clock might be, but I could not find it. Normally my travel alarm clock would eventually stop beeping and stop for good. I knew it wasn’t the alarm clock because the sequence continued most all the way back to Asheville, and it seemed like a sign.

When I crossed over into Tennessee there was a huge sign saying, “Change is coming. Experience history in August.” I had strong inner guidance it would be important to begin getting my things in order. When I got home I had some serious talks with my significant other, although I did not yet have the courage to tell him I wanted to leave. I prayed for assistance from Prophet to find my inner strength and courage.

In June I was again at the school and developing inner strength and courage was one of the areas we focused on during the eight-day retreat. Around that time a movie had come out called “We Bought a Zoo,” and one of the pearls shared at the retreat was how the main character only needed twenty seconds of courage to take an important action, which he did, and it changed his life. During the last evening of the retreat our area of Virginia experienced a unique storm, a derecho. We stood outside watching the sky as it sounded like a freight train roaring up the side of the mountain, although the trees did not seem to be moving. The sky was spectacular and looked like a July 4th celebration. During this amazing storm I felt strength in the presence of the Prophet and found a depth of inner strength and courage I had not known before. I was finally at peace. I knew what I needed to do as Soul. It felt like the Divine had done most of the heavy lifting to give me the strength and courage to follow my heart, now I had to do my part!

When I returned home to North Carolina I continued to receive a lot of support and guidance on the outer and inner. A friend suggested I write a letter to my significant other to say what I would want to say, without giving it to him. This would help me focus on what I would want to say in person. I found the suggestion very helpful. In my heart I knew this suggestion, that came through my friend, was from the inner Prophet. As Soul I was getting a deep inner call to make this change, and if I did not heed it I felt I would start dying inside. It was important to me to make this change with love, rather than getting into blame and anger.

The following week while I was at work, I saw a U-Haul truck go by with a huge picture of an Indian woman on the side of it. I ran outside and saw the name of Sacajawea written on the side. This was an awake dream to me because I have a close affinity with that name. During the next few days I researched prices for a U-Haul truck rental to move to Virginia. By the end of the week I had the inner knowingness that it was time. Holding the hand of the inner Prophet I took a deep breath and received the first twenty seconds of courage, and then the next, and the next. I had a long talk and interaction with my significant other. I was able to share with him what I really wanted to convey from a place of love. He and I talked and talked, and cried together. That night was really tough, and I slept restlessly.

As I headed to work the next morning I had doubts as to whether I was making the right decision. I started singing HU, a love song to God, and asked for assistance from Prophet. Rounding the corner into the parking lot at work, lo and behold there was a U-Haul truck sitting smack dab in front of my office. And in big letters on the side it said “VIRGINIA.” It was the perfect reassurance I needed at that moment! God’s timing is always perfect, impeccable. Thank you dear God and Prophet for your reassurance, comfort, love, and guidance. I appreciate and love you.

Written by Jan Reid