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If someone offered you the opportunity to have your own direct experiences with the Holy Ghost, to feel God’s Love personally, to bring more love and balance into your life, and nurture a deeper relationship with the Divine – would you accept it? If so, here is your chance.


The best Christmas gift I ever got came the week before Christmas, 2004. It was December 17, a day that would change my life forever.

The gift was not a new possession. It was not something that could be bought or sold in any store. The gift was this: a trusted friend taught me to sing HU, a sacred love song to God. HU is an ancient name for God that can be sung quietly or aloud in prayer. HU has existed from the beginning of time in one form or another and is available to all regardless of religious path. It is a pure way to express your love to God and give thanks for your blessings.

When he shared HU with me I could feel that it was something very special. We sang HU together and I saw the Light of God for the first time. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before. It was more than just light; it brought a message of joy, clarity, peace, and most of all, that we are loved and not alone. Even though I had gone to church often as a child, this was the first time that I actually felt connected to the Holy Spirit. I have come to know that Jesus and all of his disciples sang HU. Singing HU conditions you to receive God’s Love, and as we are able to receive more of God’s Love, our lives become blessed with abundance (John 10:10).

After sharing HU my friend gave me a brochure for the Nature Awareness School where he had learned about HU fifteen years before. I signed up for the first class that I was eligible for and my life has never been the same. Looking back to that December day in 2004, I had no idea the amazing journey that lay ahead. All I can say is that God is real, God loves you, and His mighty Hand reaches out to you.

Written by David Hughes