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When facing challenges in life we can handle them better if we surrender to the guidance and flow of Spirit. Prophet can lead us through anything. This doesn’t mean we don’t make the effort to prepare and plan; we still need to do our part. The greatest of which is being receptive to Divine guidance.


During some of the early years in which I attended retreats at the Nature Awareness School my teacher mentioned enjoying the song “Takin’ Care of Business,” by Bachman-Turner Overdrive, and we even listened to it during some of our class breaks. Although I remembered this song from when I was a teenager, it took on a whole new dimension in light of the spiritual training I was receiving. Not only is it fun, upbeat, and motivating, it also reminds me of how we are here to “take care of business” spiritually — to wake up to our true Divine nature, nurture our personal connection with God, and help others to discover their divinity. Over time this song has become part of my personal “awake dream” language. When I hear it, it opens my heart, reminds me of my spiritual priorities, and of my cherished relationship with my teacher Prophet Del Hall.

In the past year I have been blessed with a huge door opening in my life; after decades of being a freelance professional musician I am now teaching music at a college. It is both fun and exciting, yet extremely challenging. I find myself way out of my comfort zone much of the time, dancing on the precipice where preparation meets surrender. I have pondered on the fact, that some of the things I have been doing professionally for so many years are much more challenging to teach than I thought they might be.

Recently I sat in my car about fifteen minutes before my afternoon songwriting class began asking Prophet for help. Although I think I was doing a satisfactory and functional job delivering the material, there was a flow, or a “sweet spot” I just had not found yet. I was following a rigid outline and nervous to depart from it. I knew my students had way more potential than had been brought out, and so much more to share if they just felt a little more comfortable opening up. I knew there was more. I also knew there was nothing I could do to make that happen; I had to surrender. I sang HU for several minutes, helping me relax, let go of my mind chatter, and focused inwardly on spiritual guidance.

As I entered the classroom I felt a strong nudge from Prophet to put on the song “Takin’ Care of Business.” The guidance was just to put the song on, without introducing it or saying a word. After it was done playing, I began a discussion with the class. It turned out the song was a perfect segue into the outline I had already planned for the day. Instead of sticking to the outline however, I allowed the discussion to unfold in a much more spontaneous way. One by one the students shared on a deeper level than I had ever heard before, and I was talking less and listening more. I felt I was more in the role of a “facilitator,” which is something I have witnessed and aspired to from observing my teachers Del and Del IV facilitate their classes.

I am grateful for being given the experience of being a facilitator that day. By surrendering my personal agenda and going “off-script,” I was actually more in alignment with God’s script and in the flow of Spirit. And the prayer that was in my heart was answered: more important than covering my exact lesson plan that day was my desire that the students and I share an experience of openness and connection. The points in my outline that were important still got covered, but in a more seamless and inspired way than I could have ever planned or thought of on my own. God loves each of us and wants to help us take care of the everyday business of our lives, whatever that may be. Thank you Prophet for always knowing the best ways to help me “take care of business!”

Written by Laurence Elder