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God has the ability to speak directly to your heart. Soul can hear these gentle whisperings and be inspired into acts that will ultimately bless you. The following is a touching example of this inspiration, love, and comfort from the Divine.


As a child I was going through a difficult time of change in my family life leaving me feeling insecure and uncertain of being loved, although I was. I had difficulty sleeping but did not want to wake my parents. To help me relax and fall asleep I would talk to God and Jesus. One particular day, I felt a stirring of inspiration in my heart to create something to hang above my bed. I gathered the supplies I felt was needed, a small wooden board, some rope, and a crayon. I was just learning how to write cursive and in doing my best I wrote these two words, “God Bless” and hung this over my bed. At the time I had not the slightest idea of how much this would transform my life. All I remember is the happiness and joy I experienced in creating it.

After hanging it on my wall a sense of peace and security entered my heart and I felt loved. Really loved. This was more than just a couple of words written, it was a prayer in my heart that was heard and answered by God. The “stirring of inspiration” I felt that day was God speaking to my heart. He inspired me to create this and although it appeared to be a simple wooden placard that hung on my wall, it was actually a way that God’s Love and His true security manifested in my life. It was a gift, a Divine blessing from God. That night and many nights that followed I rested in the presence of God feeling safe, secure, and loved.

In sharing this experience, I am once again filled with appreciation and love for Gods presence in my life. It is a true loving relationship that continues to grow over the years from the spiritual tools I have learned attending the Nature Awareness School. God knows the prayers of our hearts. Our dreams and His blessings can manifest in our lives in countless ways. Within each of these is a precious gift, Divine love, which never stops at drawing us closer home to the Heart of God.

Written by Shanna Canine


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