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There are so many people who do not feel worthy of God’s Love. Sad as that is, it is understandable when you recognize how much guilt is “in the air down here.” It rests like a heavy fog over everything obscuring the truth. The truth that even though we all fall short on occasion and have moments we wish we had done better, we are still loved by God. What a blessing it is when the Prophet gently blows away the fog.

We were being guided through a spiritual exercise during a class at the Nature Awareness School. During the exercise I had experienced God’s Love. When I began to share my experience, I had trouble saying, “I am loved, God loves me.” I truly did not feel worthy of God’s Love. How could God love me when I did not pray to Him regularly, when I did something wrong, when I held anger for a family member or co-worker, or when I had a bad day and was grouchy to the people around me?

I have learned that even when I am not having a “good” day that I am loved! I am Soul, a child of God, and nothing changes that fact. My human shortcomings do not change the fact that God loves me just the way I am, faults and all. “I am loved, God does love me.” Just as He loves every one of us. Sometimes life has a way of pulling the chair out from under us and we each react differently. Some lessons are learned easier than others. God would not have created me if I did not have a purpose and He did not love me. During my debrief the more Del suggested that I repeat out loud “GOD LOVES ME, I AM LOVED,” the deeper it sank into my heart. I not only said those words, I believed them with every fiber of my being. I know God loves me.

Written by Rebecca Vettorel