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A dish to be washed, a bill to be paid, a bed to be made. In life there will always be something “urgent” which tries to take all of our attention. It requires a conscious choice to make time for what is truly “important” and nurture our relationship with the Divine.


Phew. It had been a long day. I had taught my three children in home school, and watched three infants/toddlers in my daycare. Needless to say it was a busy day, from snacks, to dishes, to diapers, to schoolwork. But now I had about fifteen minutes of time before the oven timer would sound, indicating that dinner was ready for my three hungry children and husband. The kids were quietly engaged in their own activities. How would I choose to spend my time? There were reminders of urgent things all over the house, the laundry, the sticky floor from a toddler spilling juice, dishes in the sink, phone calls to make and those dust bunnies that had been hiding under the couch for a week. We all have our lists right? Yet even though we take care of things, the lists never really end. The next day there are more dishes in the sink and the kids need a bath again. Oh, the joys of a busy and full life!

This evening though, I chose to put my relationship with the Divine before the urgent matters of the day. As I laid down onto my bed, I was so grateful for the quiet and began singing HU, a love song to God. As I sang, I could feel the weight of the day falling off of me. With each HU I relaxed more into the comfort of my bed. As I sang I saw the Prophet in my inner vision. Suddenly we were traveling at the speed of light. My whole day and my whole life remained on Earth as I traveled with him. Then, I became aware that we were beside a vast ocean. I experienced such freedom as I became a dolphin flying through the water. In and out of the water I dove, and I twirled in absolute freedom. Oh the joy of movement not bound by the limits of my physical body. Then a new scenery appeared. I felt a waterfall flowing over and through my body. Any remaining tiredness was cleansed from me. This was true relaxation. As I continued I heard a low humming sound in the distance. It was not a physical sound, but a spiritual one. It is hard to describe what it sounded like in words, but hearing it uplifted me. I felt even more rejuvenated. The Prophet spoke to me, giving me clarity and a solution to something that I had been working on.

The timer rang and it was time to continue on with my evening. I bounced out of bed, ready to face anything that the evening could bring. I was relaxed, rejuvenated, and uplifted by singing HU and choosing to put the Kingdom of Heaven first in my life, during that brief window right before dinner. Thank you Prophet for the wonderful and refreshing journey into Heaven!

Written by Molly Comfort