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The Light of God can manifest in many different colors. Sometimes the specific color will provide additional insight into the experience. For example, many times orange light will accompany physical healing or insights into a past life. In the following example the author experiences both.


One of the ways that we grow as students of the Prophet, Del Hall, is to take his teachings home, integrate them into our lives, and go deeper. After a weeklong retreat this summer I invited his inner presence to join me for a HU song and contemplation. I had a soft intent to gain more information from the retreat and help myself with recurring neck and shoulder pain.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning and I was on my deck admiring the vegetable garden. We had just started harvesting some of the vegetables. It always amazes me what can grow from a tiny seed. I was reminded of the many seeds of truth Del had planted within my consciousness over the years that now bear fruit. The birds and insects were singing and I decided to join them. I began to sing HU, a love song to God. My heart was full of gratitude for my upcoming wedding. Although I was happy, my body was experiencing pain. I had tried numerous therapies for a few months, which brought temporary relief. This particular morning I remembered a spiritual exercise where we can ask our inner guide to bring God’s healing orange Light to an area where we have illness or pain. I decided to do this during the quiet time after singing HU.

I had a strong awareness of the Prophet’s inner presence with me. I became more tuned in to a sense that there was no separation between us. I was within the cosmic fabric that sustains everything. A strong reverence for the presence that encompassed me gave way to an orange effervescent light that cascaded over my being and into my physical body. It went to the source of pain, which unexpectedly became an impression of an arrow breaking through the left side of my upper shoulder from behind. This immediately sent a shooting nerve pain into my neck. It really hurt.

This was the recurring pain that I kept having off and on. Still deep in contemplation, I remembered that orange light is also one way God can reveal past lives to us. There was a lot of orange light in my inner vision. A name from a past life and time period came to me. I knew that I was not this particular person from the past, but the clue was that I was alive during this time in history and had sustained a battle wound in this area of my body. I had a vision of breaking the wooden shaft off where the arrow came through. I pulled the weapon out of my flesh. There was a sense of an infection that set in many days later and no more was revealed to me.

After this contemplation the pain that was there subsided. It had been dulled through this experience as if God’s Prophet put a soothing balm on it. I was given a knowing that I need to be patient with this healing. It had many layers and would not be in my best interest at this time to simply fix the pain and move on. There was more to come over the year and I would get it as I could accept it. This lifetime was thousands of years back. I suppose I should have been more surprised at this but I wasn’t. Anything is possible with God’s Prophet. I can testify that he will do just about anything to help us (with our permission) to accept more of God’s Love and more of our own Divinity. This is one of many occasions when I was given such grace.

I had been conditioned for this gift of love during the weeklong retreat I attended and frankly, over many lifetimes. Being taken back several thousand years was not random. The pain I was having wasn’t random. It all ties into my personal journey over the years. There is a golden thread of love and truth that connects every experience I have and ever will have.

I was given a blessing with God’s orange Light which brought insight into where my neck pain originated, temporary relief from the physical pain, and a knowingness that I am in the middle of a healing that is going to take more time to become permanent. It is a gift of love to be reassured of this, which brings greater trust throughout the process. I have come to learn that I have an easier time giving love than accepting it. With each healing from the past a greater ability to accept love has been given to me. The greatest joy I have found in life is the joy of giving. However, one can only give out what he or she can first accept.

I am so grateful to have learned some of the language of God. I know that many times colors of specific light are an expression of love, which contains infinite blessings.

Written by Tash Canine