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Have you ever questioned, “Why doesn’t God answer me?” after you have called out to Him in prayer. Just because you did not hear a voice coming from the Heavens does not mean He has not answered you. Most likely the answer has been staring you in the face the whole time. God speaks to us in so many different ways; we just have to know how to listen. In this testimony the author shares three different examples of how God answered his prayers. With a little bit of effort on our part we too can recognize and accept many of the blessings God is offering us.

Excerpt from “Testimonies of God’s Love – Book 5” AVAILABLE HERE

That hot shower first thing in the morning is about as important to me as a cup of coffee is for most people to start the day. One morning as I slowly began to wake up with the shower spraying down on me, I noticed I was standing in a few inches of water. The drain could not keep up with the shower. I did not think it was a big deal because it had all drained out by the time I finished drying off. After a few weeks the water got deeper and my sacred shower had become much less enjoyable. The weekend came around and I picked up a plunger from the hardware store, hoping to quickly resolve my problem. After several hours of plunging mixed with a few minutes of cursing, I called it a day. That night as I showered before bed, it was like taking a bath and a shower at the same time. My shower was mocking me and I knew it.

With the failure of the day still fresh in my mind, I prayed for help regarding the matter and then drifted off to sleep. That night I was given a dream in which my brother-in-law came over to the house with a plunger. In the dream he showed me I needed two plungers to free up the clog in the drain. When I woke up the next morning I knew exactly what I needed to do. It wasn’t five minutes after I got back from the store with an extra plunger that I had recovered a few small, foam letters from the drain that my daughter had played with during her bath. Miraculously enough, the next time I took a shower the drain worked perfectly. Prayer answered. Her foam alphabet collection was back up to twenty-six letters, and my shower was fixed. Dreams are just one of the ways God can communicate with us, but there are so many more if we know where and how to look.

Recently I did a contemplation where I asked what I could do to be a better husband to my wife and father for my children. Essentially, I prayed for help to become better in those areas. There was no booming voice that came down from the Heavens giving me the secret answers. However, after some quiet time following my prayer I had a few specific ideas that came to me. Without getting lost in the details, I had a starting point. Prayer answered. But the Divine was not finished. Later in the afternoon I heard an interview with an author on the radio. The author had written on the very points I was given during my contemplation and had even offered a few more steps beyond what I already had. I took this as acknowledgment I was on the right track. Not only was my prayer continuing to be answered, but there were even more blessings to follow. That night as my wife and I were lying in bed, she shared an article she came across on the Internet. She was not aware of my prayer during contemplation earlier in the day but had managed to find an article on exactly what I was given first thing that morning. God heard my prayer and not only answered it, but helped to keep it alive and fresh throughout the day. In retrospect I cannot help but wonder if I would have missed these gifts from God had I not learned some of the many ways the Divine can communicate with us.

I have been dealing with a personal problem for many years that has affected work, relationships, and probably my personality to some degree or another. A short time back I was literally down on my knees asking God for help. “Help me figure out how to fix this.” I have probably uttered that prayer in some form before, but this time I was not asking God to fix it, I was asking for His help. The answer to that particular prayer came a few days later in the form of a flat tire. I was driving my kids to meet their stepdad so they could go back to his house. The three of us were singing Vanilla Ice’s song “Ice Ice Baby,” a favorite song we sing together. Somewhere between A1A and Beachfront Ave we heard a loud boom. It wasn’t my speakers. It came from the pothole that jumped out and grabbed my rear tire. I knew right away the tire was gone. I was able to pull the car into a church parking lot a few hundred yards up the road. It had been a long time since I had to change a flat, and I was not excited to have to change this one on a cold and windy day. I popped the trunk, grabbing the spare tire and all of the tools I had to change it, but found I was missing the lug nut wrench. Ultimately I had to call for a wrecker to help me change the tire. Obviously the first thought I had was that this is a lesson on being prepared. However, the reason this experience is such a big deal to me is because during the forty minutes or so I waited for the service truck to arrive I was able to see a parallel between the flat tire and the personal problem I have struggled to overcome for so many years, I needed professional help. I pretty much had everything I needed to keep the car on the road; I just needed help from a professional to change the tire.

I think we all have an innate knowing that when we call out to God He actually hears us. I imagine, though, that less of us can confidently say we know He answers our prayers. These are just three examples of the different ways you might be missing your answers. God loves us beyond our comprehension, and when we make Him part of our lives it opens the door to so much love and so many blessings.

Written by Brian Boucher