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When we are overly attached to the decisions our loved ones make it becomes harder to love them purely. They are a child of God first and as such they will never be on their own. Learning to love them in a relaxed peaceful way will help you savor the love connection.


It came as an unexpected surprise when my adult daughter decided to attend a HU Sing during her impromptu visit with us one weekend. Two weeks prior, before any of us were aware she’d be visiting, the Prophet — my spiritual teacher and inner guide — appeared to me in what I can now say was a prophetic dream. In this dream, he explained that my daughter had contacted him about an upcoming class, indicating in some way that she wanted to surprise me. It wasn’t long before she did! Two weeks later we were seated at a HU Sing together.

I feel fortunate to have been among those in attendance that day. Sharing the experience with my daughter made it that much more special. The moment I closed my eyes and began singing HU, I saw her as a baby securely cradled in the arms of the Divine. I recognized her as Soul—a beautiful, glowing bundle of Light and Sound. My heart overflowed with an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Different moments from her life began to play out after that, allowing me to experience each one from the perspective of knowing that the Presence of God has always been with her and always will be. A higher truth was evident: Although she is my daughter in this lifetime, she belongs to God and has always been in the loving arms of her Heavenly Father. The peace and trust I felt in this moment can hardly be put into words. Being totally in the moment, aware of the Presence of God, I experienced detachment from worldly concerns of every kind. Divine love filled my heart and I felt free; free to simply love.

Prophet took me on a personal journey into the higher worlds and it changed me. The experience was tailor made to bring me peace, trust, and a greater understanding of love, as it is in Heaven. Through this experience I was able to recognize my two grown children as adults, which has positively affected how I interact with them. I am less emotionally attached to their decisions and free of the expectations I once carried of being invited to weigh in on their decisions. I now have room to enjoy their presence and relate to them as treasured friends; precious Souls I am blessed to share this life with as we each make our way home to God.

It is a profound gift to savor the experiences of life together, unfettered by the emotional entanglements I once mistook for love. I am grateful to the Prophet for showing me a higher, purer way to love. One that allows me to care in a relaxed and peaceful way.

Written by Sandra Lane