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You are Soul, a spiritual being. You have the ability to directly receive guidance from God. You must first however, learn the “Language of the Divine.” With this loving guidance comes the peace and confidence that can get you through any challenge.


On the way home from work in mid February 2014 I received the news that my dad had passed away. Due to the impending major snowstorm the next day I needed to pack and get out of town as quickly as possible. I ended up leaving town just as the snow flurries began. According to the weather map and predictions once I got into West Virginia I would be out of the worst of the snow, as they were only expecting one to three inches. My plan was to get from Virginia through West Virginia and into Ohio, if possible, where it seemed to be all clear.

As I traveled west of Lexington, Virginia and towards the West Virginia border the snow was coming down quite heavily. Traffic slowed down to forty miles an hour. I got strong inner guidance from the Prophet to slow down and be safe… slow and steady. The snow came down thickly with the snow and ice staying on the interstate.

By the time I was getting close to Beckley, West Virginia, I was driving on snow and ice down to twenty-five miles an hour. Snow was piled everywhere, and it was cold enough that the salt was not melting the ice on the interstate. I talked with a state trooper about the road conditions and he said that although the toll road was not closed, he felt that it should be closed. He recommended I go back one exit and find a motel for the night. With that in mind, I worked my way slowly back to the interstate, and then got very strongly inside the knowingness that I needed to keep on going to Charleston, West Virginia, otherwise I would get stuck in Beckley. I listened and obeyed.

Next to no one was on the road as I wound my way through the mountainous passes in the midnight darkness, going no more than twenty five miles an hour. I felt the Presence of the Divine and knew I was completely in the Hands of God, and was being safely guided by the Prophet. I was totally fearless and had deep peace with an inner “oasis of tranquility.” It was an exquisite experience, being totally reliant on the guidance of the Divine, on the cutting edge of life with clear inner communication. In that moment of time there was nowhere else I wanted to be. I had everything I needed, resting in the Hands of God in that eternal moment of now. What a priceless gift and a template for everyday life, a guide for future situations.

Getting into Charleston around one hour past midnight it was still snowing. In the morning I sat down for my morning contemplation, a time of inner communication and connection with the Prophet and singing HU, a love song to God. After several minutes I received strong inner guidance to put on my clothes, pack the car, and leave immediately. For once I did not question or delay after doing “one more thing;” I just did it! And I am grateful for that inner guidance. Motel personnel told me that it was to continue snowing all day and that traffic was barely moving.

It ended up taking twenty-two hours on the road to my hometown in northern Indiana, and normally it takes eleven hours. I arrived safe and praising God. Since then I have often revisited that experience and savor the love, joy, and inner peace that I experienced being cradled and protected in the hands of God – while listening and being totally reliant on the impeccable guidance of the inner Prophet. He is always there beside me, in my heart, waiting for me to be receptive to the loving guidance and blessings.

Over the years I have learned that listening is much more than just hearing the Divine. I have had the tendency to hear guidance or see clues through night dreams and awake dreams, and then go ahead with what I wanted to do first – “just one more thing and then I respond…” I have found that responding in a timely manner to God’s timing is “really listening.” This experience has changed me at a very deep level.

Written by Jan Reid