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Many are content to squabble for scraps of God’s Love and teachings. Others are soaring free from the bounds of Earth to the very Abode of God Himself to receive the ultimate spiritual nourishment. There is no judgment here – it is what it is. In God’s perfect plan, and at the perfect time, everyone will eventually wake up and begin to yearn for more. They will begin craving to know more of God’s truths and ways and look for a guide to lead them Home. If your good fortune has brought you to the Prophet – step through the door before it closes.

In the fall of 2008 I moved to Virginia from Michigan. I moved to Virginia because I wanted to be closer to the Nature Awareness School. It is here that I experienced God’s Love and now realize that It has always been with me. I learned about my Divine nature as Soul. I learned about the sacred prayer, HU, and spiritual truths that have begun to slowly set me free of passions of the mind like anger and fear. Most important it was here I met Del, my spiritual guide, which has changed the course of my life.

I had recently been accepted to graduate school, but going there would mean I would not be as free to attend spiritual retreats at the Nature Awareness School. I had a dream, given to me by God, which helped me make the decision to move by showing me what was in my heart. In the dream I was asleep and was invited down to the school, but I took a detour and by the time I got there Del was gone. I was very upset that I had missed him. When I woke up I had a knowingness that gradually turned into a conviction that I needed to move closer. I did not want to miss out on the teachings or being with Del. There are windows of opportunity in life and this was mine. Del is the Prophet of our times, which means he can show the way home to the very Heart of God. It is a privilege to know him and be in his presence. I thank God that I was woken up spiritually allowing me to become a student and build a relationship with the Prophet.

In the summer of 2008 I was blessed to attend my first Reunion. This is an eight-day retreat in the mountains. It is a special week to focus on God and His Divine teachings of Light and Love. I was given an experience during the retreat that I will never forget. The line from Amazing Grace, “I once was lost, but now I am found,” means more to me now than ever. I was taken in full consciousness by the Prophet to the twelfth Heaven. This is sometimes called the Abode of God. I knelt in the sand on the edge of the ocean. I was told I could look up to see an aspect of God. Golden light, which was actually God loving me directly, blazed as I looked out across the dazzling water. Just then an eagle soared overhead. It swooped down and snagged a fish from the water. The majestic bird launched back in the air with the fish clutched in its talons. Then I became the eagle biting and tearing at the fish with excitement! Oh the joy to be able to fly! I felt the strength of the eagle and the freedom to be able to glide through the sky. At God’s Ocean there is the absolute best spiritual nourishment to be found and consumed. God’s Love nourished me like a fresh fish nourishing an eagle. I felt like a spiritual eagle soaring!

Before I met the Prophet I was in some ways like that fish, one of many Souls swimming in unison through life. Then the Prophet came and pulled me from my place and set my feet back upon the path of light and love. I was absorbed into the body of the Holy Spirit and made new by the Grace of God. Once I experienced Divine Love and myself as Soul there was no way I could go back to the old ways of life and be content. The fish is also a symbol of spiritual nourishment, which I found at the school. I was craving spiritual food and I still need it to thrive. It is as necessary as breathing.

As the eagle I was allowed to experience some of the attributes that God gives Soul: joy, strength, and freedom! We each have these and more God-given qualities, but swimming in our regular schools of life we are not often taught about the truth of Soul. I thank the Prophet for allowing me to become his spiritual student in this lifetime. I have learned what no earthly school could ever teach. I have been to Heaven! I have experienced God’s Love and His Light and Sound! I know that I am Soul and so are my loved ones and friends! I also know that God loves you just as dearly. Are you like an eagle, just waiting to stretch your wings?

Written by Carmen Snodgrass