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As Soul, we each have the capacity to receive truth and wisdom from the Divine. It is a matter of learning how to “listen” with your heart regardless of what the mind is saying. The following is a great example of this.


In what may have appeared to be a casual conversation with Del, the Prophet, during break at a spiritual retreat some years ago, the topic of dental procedures came up. Although the conversation was general in nature, inwardly it were as if Divine Spirit was speaking directly to me, urging me to see my dentist once I returned home.

I had just been to the dentist several weeks prior to have a number of old fillings replaced, which left my dentist wondering why I was back so soon. I mentioned hearing of a certain procedure and felt it was something I should look into sooner rather than later. While the procedure I mentioned did not appear to be necessary in my case, he decided to take some x-rays for a closer look.

To my surprise, the x-rays revealed an abscess beneath an old crown — a problem that would likely have gone undetected until the infection spread. The tooth beneath the crown had cracked, and with the nerves in the tooth having been removed, there was no pain to alert me. The dentist said it was a good thing I came in when I did, as such infections are capable of spreading to the heart and other organs, with potentially severe consequences. Early treatment made all the difference.

Having been to the dentist so recently prior, I could have easily justified blowing off the nudge I was given. Thank God I did not! I’ve grown to recognize and appreciate these communications as gifts from a loving God. God is always looking out for us, offering His protection and guidance in matters we may otherwise never see coming.

Written by Sandra Martyn

Excerpt from “Testimonies of God’s Love – Book 1” ….available HERE.