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Sometimes God pulls back a curtain allowing us to experience the spirituality of a situation. The following is a beautiful testimony of witnessing the sacredness of childbirth. It is at this moment that Soul enters the body and a new adventure begins.

Excerpt from “Prophet Shares God’s Light”

How grateful I am for my children, three gifts that God has bestowed upon my wife and I. What were once happy “additions” to the family are now integral parts that I would not want to imagine our lives without. Each of my children’s births was a precious and sacred moment, but it was the birth of my eldest child that gave me a glimpse into the Divinity that was clothed in each little bundle of joy.

The morning my oldest child was born, I stood in the delivery room experiencing all the nervousness and excitement of a first-time dad-to-be. My mind raced forwards and backwards as the moment crawled nearer and nearer.

Because I was at the front of the bed, ready to offer sips of water and cold washcloths to my wife, I could see everyone else in the room. Several people, including the doctor, head nurse, and various other nurses and assistants popped in and out. Time seemed to slow to a freeze and I watched, with this sort of detached viewpoint, a panorama of the other people there.

There was what I can only describe as a reverent anticipation bubbling up in the room. Everyone – it seemed like a lot more than the three or four individuals there – seemed riveted on this sacred moment. There was an overwhelming reverence for Soul permeating the air. A spark of God was about to don another body, take its knocks, learn its lessons, and continue on Its journey home to the Heart of God. I believe each person there, whether conscious of it or not, was recognizing Soul – the Divine spark about to be housed in a tiny little body – but also which lived in each other and in themselves. Each in his or her own way recognized that the source of this spark of life was God.

While my wife, the doctor, and several nurses prepared for the imminent birth, a young nursing assistant stood in the middle of the room unconsciously rocking back and forth, in a slow cadence to some distant rhythm only she could hear. She hugged herself instinctively, as if rocking an invisible baby in her arms. It was hard to say if she was imagining comforting the baby about to be born or herself. Maybe both.

When my son finally arrived, I moved into position to “catch” him. I witnessed a ball of glowing light so intense and brilliant it became hard to see anything else. I immediately recognized this Soul as someone I had loved dearly before. Watching Soul enter the body was breathtaking. The doctor and nurses helped guide his tiny body into my arms. I was holding him when he took his first breath in this body, before surrendering him to my wife’s welcoming embrace. The recognition between mother and son seemed apparent as well.

In my years at the Nature Awareness School, Del has repeatedly led me to experiences that have shown me there is so much more to us than just our bodies – much more than just the parts we can normally see. I believe I witnessed a glimpse of that in my son as he was being born, a glimpse into the Divine essence of our being which is born into this world to learn, to love, and to attempt to pick up the trail back to Its eternal Home.

Written by Chris Comfort

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