Written by: Prophet Delmon B. Hall III

1. We believe in one true God that is still living and active in our lives. He is knowable and wants a relationship with each of His children. He is the same God Jesus called FATHER, and is known by many names, including Heavenly Father. God wants a loving personal relationship with each of us, NOT one based upon fear or guilt.

2. The Holy Spirit is God’s expression in all the worlds. It is in two parts, the Light and the Sound. It is through His Holy Spirit God communicates and delivers all His gifts: peace, clarity, love, joy, healings, correction, guidance, wisdom, comfort, truth, dreams, new revelations, and more.

3. God always has a chosen living Prophet to teach His ways, speak His living word, lift up Souls, and bring us closer to God. God’s living Prophet is a concentrated aspect of the Holy Spirit, the Light and Sound, and is raised up and ordained by God directly. His Prophet is empowered and authorized to share God’s Light and Sound and to correct misunderstandings of His ways. There are two aspects of God’s Prophet, an inner spiritual and outer physical Prophet. The inner Prophet can teach us through dreams, intuition, spiritual travel, inner communication, and his presence. The outer Prophet also teaches through his discourses, written word, and his presence. Prophet is always with us spiritually on the inner. Prophet points to and glorifies the Father.

4. God so loves the world and His children He has always had a long unbroken line of His chosen Prophets. They existed before Jesus and after Jesus. Jesus was God’s Prophet and His actual SON. God’s chosen Prophets are considered to be in the “role of God’s Son,” though NOT literally His Son. Only Jesus was literally His Son. Prophets were sometimes called Paraclete. The Bible uses the word Comforter, but the original Greek word was Paraclete, which is more accurate. Paraclete implied an actual physical person who helps, counsels, encourages, advocates, comforts, and sets free.

5. Our real and eternal self is called Soul. We are Soul; we do NOT “have” a Soul. As Soul we are literally an individualized piece of God’s Holy Spirit, thereby Divine in nature. We are made of God’s Light and Sound, which is actually God’s Love. As an individual and uniquely experienced Soul you have free will, intelligence, imagination, opinions, clear and continuous access to Divine guidance, and immortality. As Soul we have an innate and profound spiritual growth potential. Soul has the ability to travel the Heavens spiritually with Prophet to gain truth and wisdom, and grow in love. Soul exists because God loves it.

6. We believe Soul equals Soul, in that God loves all Souls equally and each Soul has the same innate qualities and potential. Soul is neither male nor female, any particular race, nationality, or age. All Souls are children of God.

7. We believe in one eternal life as Soul. However, we believe Soul needs to incarnate many times into a physical body to learn and grow spiritually mature. Soul’s journey home to God encompasses many lifetimes. A loving God does not expect His children to learn His ways in a single lifetime.

8. We believe Soul incarnates on Earth to grow in the ability to give and receive love.

9. We believe God is more interested in two Souls experiencing love for one another than in their sexual preference.

10. It is God’s will that a negative power exists to help Soul grow spiritually through challenges and hardships, thereby strengthening and maturing Soul. We are never given a challenge greater than our ability to find a solution. Soul has the ability to rise above any obstacles with God’s help.

11. We study the Bible as an authentic teaching tool of God’s ways, in addition to books and discourses authored by a Prophet chosen by God. We know the original Biblical writings have been altered in some cases by incorrect translations and political interference throughout the ages. God loves each of us regardless of our errors. We do not believe in God’s eternal abandonment or damnation. He would never turn His back to us for eternity.

12. Karma is the way in which the Divine accounts for our actions, words, thoughts, and attitudes. One can create positive or negative karma. Karma is a blessing used to teach us responsibility. We do not have to earn God’s Love, He loves us unconditionally.

13. We do not believe that a child is born in sin, though the child may have karma from a former life. Karma, God’s accounting system, explains our birth circumstances better than the concept of sin.

14. We believe that a living Prophet, including Jesus, can remove karma and sin when necessary to help us get started or to grow on the path to God. However, it is primarily our responsibility to live and grow in the ways of God, thereby not creating negative karma and sin.

15. There are four commandments of God in which we abide; First – Love God with all your heart, mind and soul; Second – Love your neighbor as yourself. We believe the Third is; “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness.” We believe this means that it is primarily our responsibility to draw close to God, learn His ways, and strive to live the way God would like us to live. God’s Prophets are sent to show His ways. We believe our purpose, the Fourth Commandment, is to become spiritually mature to be used by God to bless His children. Becoming a co-worker with God is our primary purpose in life and the most rewarding attainment of Soul.

16. We believe all Souls upon translation, death of the physical body, go to the higher worlds, called Heavens, Planes, or Mansions, regardless of their beliefs. The way they live life on Earth and the effort made to draw close to God impacts the area of Heaven they are to be sent. Those who draw close to a Prophet of God receive special care. We know of twelve distinct Heavens, not one. The primary abode of the Heavenly Father is in the twelfth Heaven, known as the “Ocean of Love and Mercy.” We can visit God while we still live on Earth, but only if taken by His chosen Prophet and only as Soul, not in a physical body.

17. We believe prayer is communication with God and is an extreme privilege. God hears every prayer from the heart whether or not we recognize a response. Singing an ancient name of God, HU, is our foundational prayer. It expresses love and gratitude to God and is unencumbered by words. Singing HU has the potential to raise us up in consciousness making us more receptive to God’s Love, Light, and guiding Hand. After praying it is best to spend time listening to God. Prayer should never be rote or routine. We desire to trust God and surrender to His Will rather than our own will.

18. We believe it is our responsibility to stay spiritually nourished. When Soul is nourished and fortified it becomes activated and we are more receptive and have clearer communication with the Divine. We believe when Jesus said “give us this day our daily bread,” he meant daily spiritual nourishment, not physical bread. This can be done by singing HU, reading scripture, praying, dream study, demonstrating gratitude for our blessings, being in a living Prophet’s physical presence, or in his inner presence, or listening to his words.

19. We believe TRUTH has the power to improve every area of our lives, but only if understood, accepted, and integrated into our lives.

20. We believe God and His Prophet guide us in our sleeping dreams and awake dreams as a gift of love. God’s Prophet teaches how to understand both types of dreams. All areas of our lives may be blessed by the wisdom God offers each of us directly in dreams.

21. Gratitude is extremely important on our path of love. It is literally the secret of love. Developing an attitude of gratitude is necessary to becoming spiritually mature. Recognizing and being grateful for the blessings of God in our lives is vital to building a loving and trusting relationship with God and His chosen Prophet. A relationship with God’s Prophet is THE KEY to everything good and a life more abundant.

22. We believe in being good stewards of our blessings. We recognize them as gifts of love from God and make the effort to have remembrance. Remembering our blessings helps to keep our heart open to God and builds trust in God’s Love for us.

23. We believe in giving others the freedom to make their own choices and live their lives as they wish. We expect the same in return.

24. We believe the Love and Blessings of God and His Prophet are available to all who are receptive. If one desires guidance and help from Prophet, ask from the heart and sing “Prophet.” He will respond. One does not need to meet Prophet physically to receive help. To be taught by Prophet it is best to attend a retreat with him in the physical. However, much can be gained by reading or listening to his teachings.

25. We have a responsibility to do our part and let God and His Prophet do their part. This responsibility brings freedom. Our goal is to remain spiritually nourished, live in balance and harmony, and serve God as a co-worker. Anything is possible with God if we do our part. We pray to use our God given free will in a way that our actions, thoughts, words, and attitudes testify and bear witness to the Glory and Love of God.

26. We believe there is always more to learn and grow in God’s ways and truth. One cannot remain the same spiritually. One must make the effort to move forward or risk falling backward. To grow in consciousness requires change. Spiritual wisdom gained during our earthly incarnations can be taken to the other worlds when we translate, and into future lifetimes, unlike our physical possessions.