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One of the greatest attributes Soul has been created with is the ability to communicate with God. Having this constant lifeline of love and guidance as you go through your day can make life a joy to live. All Souls have the potential for this communication but it must be nurtured. Similar to when learning a new language, it takes time and is much easier when you have a teacher who is fluent.

Lately I have been looking back in my life and realizing the hand of the Divine and Its loving presence has been with me all along. The presence of an inner guide or inner teacher has been right there with me guiding and protecting me all through my life. As I grew in strength spiritually, I began to recognize and notice the Divine presence of the Holy Spirit in every incident and aspect of my life! God has a plan custom designed just for ME!

I first learned about the constant presence of the Prophet from my classes at the Nature Awareness School. I learned the Voice of God, Holy Spirit, was working through him! It was astounding to know God knows my every thought and prayer! At first I was very weak at this recognition. It was like making a commitment to exercise, to get in physical shape! I worked with the skills I learned at the school, very weak at first. As the weakness faded the inner part of the Prophet’s presence grew stronger. As His presence grew stronger I began to have one-sided conversations with the Divine, my side at first! Over time I talked to God and began to LISTEN. Now as I listened to the inner guidance I could hear suggestions coming through, solutions, and long sought answers. Sometimes when I first awaken I will receive an insight to a question I asked the night before.

I learned and became skilled at how my night and awake dreams were customized to help me understand an answer to a prayer. They were alerting me to a solution I was seeking. Sometimes a seemingly random conversation was of importance, even a license plate word would be of significance, a clue to what I had asked. I grew to understand even the timing of an answer was of great value. I was now ready to hear what was in my best interest, always knowing I still had free will to choose.

The confidence I have now, the knowingness, the really knowing with all my heart God hears me is a gateway to a life filled with love and freedom to be just me! It is a comfort beyond all measure. I will ask you this; what if God knows you so well that he knows your every thought and prayer? What if He hears and knows your every word and deed? How would you live your life? Would you live it differently? Would you be grateful to know how very much you are loved and guided?

I know God loves me just the way I am or I would not exist. And to recognize He hears and knows me so personally, better than I know myself, and really cares how my life progresses is a very extraordinary gift. The blessings in my life are endless since I woke up and recognized the loving presence of the Prophet in my life and the personal closeness we have developed together.

I love my life!

Written by Nancy Nelson