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Many have longed for another moment with a loved one who has passed on. They look forward to the day when they are reunited in Heaven. Please know you can visit with your loved ones now in dreams and spiritual contemplations. These experiences are just as real; do not discount them.


On a beautiful summer morning during a weeklong class at the Nature Awareness School I was given a very short dream. During it my spiritual teacher, Del Hall, asked me, “Did you get to see your dad?” He was referring to the experiences we had during a HU Sing in class the night before. At that very moment I remembered seeing a glimpse of my dad towards the very end of the HU Sing that I had forgotten. I wrote it in my journal and thanked Prophet for this gift of remembrance.

Later that morning as I closed my eyes in appreciation, I wished my dad well. I knew Prophet’s presence was with me, and I could feel his love in a warm breeze. As I did my dad spiritually appeared right in front of me! I hugged him and felt his bony shoulder as I leaned my head on it. I miss him so much. My eyes watered as they are watering now, reliving this gift. Wow! I got to spend a few moments with my dad who passed away a few years back. God gave me this tailor-made experience through His chosen Prophet. Prophet loves me and knows me so well. You too can be blessed with such precious moments.

Written by Olga Boucher