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Our mind and emotions are part of who we are in this world, but they are not the eternal spiritual side of us. Soul is, and it is Soul that has a direct line of communication with the inner Prophet. This relationship brings us the clarity to make decisions we can have peace with instead of decisions solely based on emotions.

Excerpt from “Testimonies of God’s Love – Book 5”

My sister and I live several hundred miles from one another and seldom have the opportunity to spend time together as we once did. As a gift for my forty-ninth birthday she invited me to travel as her guest on a trip out West — a trip that would involve meeting one another at a connecting airport before traveling to our final destination. As much as the thought of having this time together appealed to me, I did not want to jump into it blindly.

An aspect of my spiritual education at the Nature Awareness School has taught me the importance of maintaining balance in all areas of my life, and that doing so goes hand in hand with living an abundant life. Few things threaten our balance more than allowing our emotions to dictate our decisions. And while the mind is a useful tool, Soul, our true Self, resides above the influence of both logic and feelings. From Its higher viewpoint better decisions can be made.

In addition to considering the impact on my home life, work, health, and finances, I looked to the inner Prophet for help in the decision-making process. The help I had asked for came to me in the form of a dream. In it I found myself in a brightly lit airport on one of the inner spiritual Heavens. I had just gotten off a plane when to my surprise, I spotted my sister seated in a waiting area up ahead. I looked forward with joyful anticipation to surprising her as I approached. Her face came alive with a beautiful smile as she stood to greet me. Our meeting was a happy one. The peace and clarity I awoke with left me with a knowingness in my heart it was okay to go. The decision turned out to be a sound one, and the trip full of blessings for each of us.

I have learned the basis for sound decisions ultimately rests on whether we have peace in our heart. A true Prophet of God has the unique ability, through dreams, contemplation, and other forms of inner communication, to show us the truth in our own heart from the viewpoint of Soul.

Written by Sandra Lane

Excerpt from “Testimonies of God’s Love – Book 5”