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Experiencing the Light of God can provide healing and comfort. Sadness, guilt, regrets, worry, and so on, can be washed away in Its presence. When bathed in the Light it also helps us to see clearly, including seeing ourselves and the actions that are holding us back. This combination of God’s Love, truth, and action on our part, can lift us out of the darkest hole.


Back in 2001, I was going through a difficult time. I was facing a lot of change all at once and was feeling overwhelmed with sadness and a bit of fear for my future. I was twenty-eight years old and had recently bought my first home with my partner of eight years. I worked from home at this time. A few months before we bought our house together I had gotten in some legal trouble. I was waiting for my court date to find out whether I could keep my driver’s license or not. This was causing me stress.

About eight months after we had bought our home, my partner and I broke up. This was largely due to my shortcomings, although in hindsight it was the best thing for both of us. We had gradually been growing apart but bought a home in the hopes that it would make our relationship stronger. It didn’t. Shortly after we broke up I lost my driver’s license for six months. In a very short period of time I went from a new home where I had my office, to no home, and no place to work, and no driver’s license. Not to mention the split with my partner. It was a difficult time in my life.

I moved out of the house into my younger brother’s home and rented a room there. This was humbling to say the least, yet I needed this lesson. I always knew that God was with me through this. Still I was sad and guilt ridden for my sense of failure. I had no spiritual tools but prayer, and it turns out, that is all I needed to get me through this time. I was not in any formal religion nor was I particularly “Godly.” However, I found out that even the “least of thy servants” can be comforted and shown God’s Grace during times of need.

I was sleepless for the third night in a row, and as I laid in my rented room and bed crying – I prayed to God. I prayed for comfort and to be able to rest. Just then, I felt a warm blanket of blue light come over me. The light was in my inner vision and it was very loving and peaceful. I fell asleep looking at this light and I woke up refreshed. The feeling of sadness and regret was replaced with hope and renewal. I took responsibility for my mistakes and took steps to rectify them.

I changed the way that I lived my life and soon after I found a spiritual path that was right for me. I really think that this time of change, even though difficult, was the turning point in my life for the better. It showed me that God cared about me enough to comfort me and now I wanted to do my part too.

Written by Tash Canine


Except from “Prophet Shares God’s Light”