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We are here on Earth to learn more about giving and receiving love. Of the two, more tend to struggle with receiving love rather than giving love. Fortunately, the Divine presents us with countless opportunities to practice, for if one desires to truly give love they must first be able to receive it. We cannot pass on what we do not have.


I attended a wonderful reunion recently. There I was blessed to experience God’s Love in a circumstance that was different than I would have imagined. Every moment can be an opportunity to give or receive love, no matter where we are – at church or at home, at work or at the store. Or in this example – cutting cheesecake.

It was a perfect mid-summer evening. I was standing around the table with my family and friends, enjoying the sweet laughter and familiar sounds of those I love while I was slicing the cheesecake for dessert. Suddenly, I began to feel weak and fainted. Two men stood at the table beside me and caught me as I began to fall. My husband watched me begin to faint and raced around the table to catch me before I hit the ground.

For those of you whom have fainted before, you can probably relate to the anxiety with which you come back into your body, unaware as to why people are looking down at you with such concern. Slowly I realized what had happened. With my husband at my side like a rock of solid love, I received a chair in which to rest until I gained back my strength. A friend who is a physician’s assistant began to ask me questions to decipher what had happened, but there seemed to be no logical explanation for it. It was an unexpected and random event which contained a hidden blessing.

As I was recovering in the chair, I became aware that God was opening a window for me. Through it, He was revealing a greater portion of His Love for me through my friends and family. I knew at that moment that He has that same love for each and every one of us, including you. More love than we could possibly imagine is all around us – all the time.

For the next ten minutes as I regained stability, I could feel God’s Love pouring into me. I could now see what had always been there. Gratitude streamed out of my heart. I am so blessed to love and be loved by my husband. His strength and devotion became even more apparent to me that night, shining forth through a turbulent moment. How sweet that was and still is!

Around the room stood other people in my life whom I love and who love me. Disguised as human love, I received a portion of God’s Love in each thought or prayer of well wishes and each compassionate look in their eyes. As a friend gave me a glass of water, it was God’s Love that was passed into my hand and heart. Each touch on the shoulder, each cold rag on my forehead did the same. They were all gifts of love from God, just in a different form – given from Soul to Soul. It was a very precious moment. To be loved is no little thing, but a huge gift from God that I cherish.

I also felt so protected. I had been in precarious places to faint earlier that day – at the edge of a creek, on a large rock in the woods, and alone in the bathroom. Yet I fainted at the precise moment in time where I could receive the most care. I could see the concern in my husband’s and friends’ eyes, understandably, but I knew that somehow this was part of God’s plan for me. Throughout the whole experience, I was blessed to be keenly aware of the Prophet of God’s presence with me. His presence gives me a comfort and security that transcends any physical experience. With him I was aware of a  sphere of soft golden and white light surrounding me and the entire room. Inwardly, the Prophet gave me reassurance that everything was fine, which helped me to relax and be present in the moment.

On this wonderful summer evening, I was given the opportunity to see and accept more of God’s Love. For years Del Hall has taught me and others to recognize God’s Hand, and His Love, in all areas of our lives. And in this moment of physical vulnerability, God’s message got through to me. I saw His Love in everything and everyone around me. Throughout my life I, like many others, have found it easier to give love than to receive it. This night was an opportunity to just accept it. Thank you Prophet for helping me to see and accept more of what has always been around me – God’s Love.

Written by Molly Comfort