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God knows the prayers in our heart and can answer them in many ways. Many people miss these profound blessings because they are not tuned in to receive them. If we are conscious daily of God’s Presence anything is possible.


Ever since I was very young girl I dreamed of my wedding day. I dreamed of finding someone to love and share my life with. Someone to enjoy being with each day, in the big and little things of life. I imagined my dad walking me down the aisle and dancing a father and daughter dance. Well I found the man of my dreams and we are getting married in a few days. However it seemed the father and daughter dance could never happen. Two years ago my papilino (what I called my dad) passed away. I have really missed him and am very sad he will miss my wedding. Having my dad at the wedding was a big part of my childhood dreams.

The other day my fiancée and I had a date to go to an art show. The artist is a dear friend of ours. My fiancée came down with a really bad cold and could not attend the event. I decided to stay home with him, but he insisted very much on me going. I am so glad I did go! I had a great time seeing friends and amazing artwork. Little did I know the surprise God had planned for me.

One of my friends got engaged earlier that day and as she was sharing I was given a Divine spiritual travel experience while standing there listening. It was like I had a dream while awake, but it was a real experience. My spiritual teacher, the Prophet, took me spiritually as Soul to the venue where my wedding was to take place. Music was playing and I found myself dancing the father and daughter dance with my spiritual teacher. What an amazing gift! As my heart filled with gratitude, I saw my dad, my dear papilino standing right next to us. He was there to dance with me! We danced! It was a beautiful moment that I’ll cherish forever. He looked wonderful, healthy, happy, and could dance!

God knows me so well! He knew I missed my dad so much and orchestrated this tailor made experience for me. God gave me a gift that keeps on giving. I can sing HU and ask to relive this experience. When I relive it, I am there again, dancing with my father. I have learned to be aware of God’s Presence. While my friend was sharing about her engagement I had been aware of the spiritual presence of the Prophet Del. I believe that awareness tuned me into Divine Spirit so I could receive this gift.

Being aware of God and His Prophet has changed my life drastically for the better. It is like I have a brand new pair of golden glasses on. These golden glasses help me see the Hand of God much more clearly in my life. I am so thankful to God and His Prophet for this gift experience with my dad.

Written by Olga A. Boucher