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The prayers in our heart are heard and answered. Sometimes it just takes listening to the guidance that is given to make them a reality. If you learn to listen to these gentle whisperings anything is possible.


A few years ago, my husband and I sold our house. We had looked in the newspapers, online, and driven around, but we were having a hard time finding something that fit our needs. One evening after work, I had the nudge from Spirit to go for a drive before cooking dinner to see what I could find. I loaded the kids in the car and instructed them to look for yard signs. I followed inner guidance from the Prophet, driving through different neighborhoods. I approached one that seemed familiar and realized we had taken a walk through it several years ago. I remembered saying at the time that it would be a nice place to live. As I looked up the hill, I spotted a “For Rent” sign. Driving around back I saw the yard and immediately knew this was the place.

Our prayer when we first talked about moving was to find a place with a flat yard, a sunny garden spot, a safe neighborhood for the kids to bike in and nice windows for natural light. The house fit all of these, and when we got a tour a few days later, it also had great storage and closet space – another wish answered. It was also priced just below our budget.

Finding this wonderful house was a love gift from the Divine. I simply followed the inner nudge from the Prophet when to go look and which way to drive. As a child of God we each are born with the potential of this inner communication. Taking classes at the Nature Awareness School helped me to really listen to and trust this inner communication with the Divine. God knew what was in our hearts.

The night before we moved my husband asked if there was anything I was going to miss about our old house. I said the only thing was the view of the sunset. We lived on a hill and one of my favorite things to do after a long day was to sit on my chair in the evening and watch the sky change.

When we moved in, to our surprise a huge storm had knocked down some pine trees behind our new house opening the view of the sunset. The week after we moved in, another westward neighbor had a huge oak tree removed. Then after living in the house for one year, the other westward neighbor had two huge maple trees taken down opening our westward view completely. Now some may say this was a coincidence. I know that it was an expression of God’s Love for me and my family. God knows our hearts, and if we listen to His guidance, He will always lead us to the perfect situation and bless us in the process. All because He loves us.

Written by Molly Comfort