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When you have a loving relationship with God’s Prophet anything is possible. This may even include consciously traveling to the Abode of God. Can you imagine the sacred opportunity and blessing of being able to personally express your love, gratitude, and reverence to God Himself?









What if you wrote a love letter to God? What would you say? Would you spend pages and pages thanking Him for the immense gifts in your life? Could you boil it down to a few, short, precious blessings that stand apart from all others? What if you then had the opportunity to hand deliver your letter to God Himself? Anyone could write such a letter. But only one can make it possible to deliver it personally. It takes a God-ordained Prophet to bring one to the Abode of God. I had this very experience in a summer retreat at Guidance for a Better Life in June of 2014.

Along with the other students in the class, I sing HU, a love song to God. I experience such love and reverence for this opportunity, and feel God’s Love and reverence for me as Soul, an eternal spark of the Divine. As we sing, the current Prophet Del brings me and the class spiritually to the highest Heaven – to the Abode of God. This is our true home – our birthplace as Soul. The Light of God here is the purest of any of His Heavens and the Sound is heavenly music. Prophet communicates to the class that we are being given the opportunity to compose a short thank you card, in our hearts, to God.

With the Prophet beside me, we kneel before Our Heavenly Father. Gently and slowly the Hand of the Almighty reaches out and picks me up, bringing me closer. I feel a heavenly breeze and His breath gently caresses me, enveloping me in purity and aliveness that is beyond description. I will forever treasure this moment where I am so close to God I can feel His breath! God then sets me down and I offer my card out to Him. It seems so tiny in His Hand. Yet it is received with such love. The card reads simply: “Dear God, Thank you for my life. Thank you for the Prophet. Thank you for setting me apart. I love you.” The gift for me was giving the card. Yet often what we give comes back to us, though not always so directly. I am then lovingly offered a beautiful golden scroll. As I touch it, I am filled with so much love and instinctively know its contents. It is a love letter to me from God Himself – like a father telling his newborn child all the hopes, aspirations, and love he has for it. It is a most precious gift!

One of the blessings of the Prophet is his ability to help us “go deeper” with our sacred experiences. This helps us see more clearly what the Divine is expressing to us and to more fully accept the blessing offered. Fluent in the “Language of the Divine,” Del saw another meaning that was not evident at first glance. This gift was not random. It was deeply personal and tailor made for me. It spoke to the troubled history I had with my own physical father who I had not seen in many years. As a dad of three young children myself, it was a deep desire in my heart to be a good father to my children and not succumb to my own history and repeat my past with them. This precious gift touched my heart strengthening and fortifying me in my role as a father to my children. It gave me confidence and encouragement that even though a good role model might have been lacking in an area of my life, God supports me. He can fill our shortcomings and inadequacies, blessing a noble intent or a good heart even where we are lacking. It may come through a dream, a nudge, or an experience directly with God Himself!

To be brought before Our Father in the Abode of God is almost incomprehensible. Yet it does happen. God loves us and also wants to bless us in our lives now. There are gifts in Heaven He has for us that can bless us and those around us if we are simply willing to open our hearts to receive them. It is through the loving help and guidance of God’s Prophet that we are able to do so.

Written by Chris Comfort