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Often we are not aware the Hand of God has reached into our lives to bless, guide, or protect us. When we do recognize these gifts of love our gratitude and appreciation grows, which opens our heart even further to God’s Love.

I was working on the computer the other week downloading files. As they were rather large files it took some time to download. In between keystrokes I began to contemplate on the miracles of God and God’s blessings. I was sitting there quietly with no agenda, just thinking on the magnificence of God’s Grace. Suddenly I received a tremendous download of love that touched my being in so many ways. A wonderful volume of love poured into me, a gift so precious. Thanking God’s Prophet for this wonderful gift I thought about all the blessings that I receive from God through God’s Prophet. Over the years I have come to discover everything in my life is a gift from God. Sitting there in the office I felt so much love, gratitude, and appreciation. My cup most certainly runneth over.

This started me thinking about the love and gratitude I have for all the gifts I recognize in my life. My family, home, friends, and the gift to see God’s Love manifest in my life in so many ways. My contemplation then shifted as a new thought entered my consciousness. I considered the gifts of love God brings to me that I do not recognize. Then I was reminded of an experience I had several weeks previously. I was working on a job out on the ocean near New England. The ocean weather in the winter can become quite rough and unpredictable. We could only work a few days at a time before a storm would blow through, requiring us to leave our work site and avoid the worst of the weather in a safe harbor. The hundred foot boat we were on was well maintained and the crew very professional. When the weather forecast called a “Small Craft Advisory” we knew to pay attention and run to shelter. This particular time a storm was developing so we moved the vessel to the harbor and set anchor. The wind kept increasing throughout the day and by nightfall we had sustained winds of fifty to sixty miles per hour and gusts over seventy miles per hour. We were still safe. The crew kept a steady watch on our situation and the weather. They had to reset the anchors several times as the wind would push the boat causing the anchors to drag on the bottom.

Going to bed I could feel the wind shifting the boat as it bobbed and rolled against the anchor and chain. Curling up in my sleeping bag I was warm and comfortable, grateful that it was so. I slept well that night. Awakening the next morning I greeted the crew in the galley. They proceeded to tell me that during the night they had recorded a wind speed of over one hundred and four miles per hour. I immediately saw the magnitude of this event, and felt like I had been part of a miracle. My heart turned to God to give thanks for the incredible protection and for keeping us all safe. To put this in perspective a Category One hurricane has sustained winds of at least seventy four miles per hour. Speeds as high as eighty nine miles per hour were recorded when Hurricane Sandy moved through the Garden State. Hurricane Katrina made its second landfall as a Category Three hurricane with sustained winds of one hundred and twenty miles per hour in Louisiana. The winds we experienced were not sustained and would not be considered a hurricane, but the number of things that could have happened to our little vessel boggles the imagination. Yet there we were, sipping coffee in the morning as if nothing happened. We were safe and secure as if we were being held in God’s Hand. The storm had passed and the morning sky was amazing.

Sitting in my office in front of the computer again safe and warm, I wondered about the countless times God protected me, kept me and my loved ones safe from harm, steered me in the right direction at just the right time, and put the right conditions in front of me to answer the prayers of my heart. All those times and I was not aware of any of it. I can, however, try my best to be more aware of and grateful for the blessings I do recognize, to be more aware of God’s Presence throughout the day, and demonstrate gratitude and appreciation for God truly keeping me safe in the palm of His Hand.

Written by Paul Nelson