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The hardships and loss we might experience while here on Earth can sometimes be our greatest teaching opportunities. They propel us to seek answers to life’s questions or to draw closer to God for comfort and understanding. This growth in wisdom and love are ours to keep way beyond a single lifetime.

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Over twenty years ago my “new best friend” Fran stepped up to the plate to be my maid of honor at my upcoming wedding. Fran was the kind of light filled Soul you just were drawn to and wanted to be around. She always had a positive outlook on life and shared everything with you. Her generosity and thoughtfulness of friendship and time was always so evident. She agreed without hesitation to be my maid of honor and said we would have fun together planning my wedding. I was so thrilled to have a friend like Fran; nothing deterred her from her loving task to assist me. About four months before my wedding Fran told me she was a breast cancer survivor and that she was presently in remission. It was no wonder she had such exuberance for life and thanked God all the time for this second chance at living it so fully.

Our plans together took shape over the months as we became close friends. I loved that she shared deep spiritual thoughts with me. We had discussions about her views concerning death. She told me she had taken care of her mother who died of cancer a few years earlier, and then ignored her own medical checkups after finding out she also had cancer.

It was two weeks before my wedding and I noticed Fran didn’t have the liveliness and energy she used to have. Fran confided that her cancer had metastasized. True to form, she swore she would be fine for the wedding and nothing would come between this happy day and her! True to her word, it was amazing to see how well she kept everything organized and on track, helping me with every detail. Fran thrived when she didn’t dwell on the medical concerns ahead of her. She looked absolutely radiant as my maid of honor and was so excited to wear a favorite dress that belonged to her mother.

Fran shared with me her many thoughts about life and what happens after we die. As her radiation and chemotherapy treatments progressed she said no matter what the outcome, she was fine as she had peace in her heart. She shared that her life had been worthwhile. She seemed to have an inner knowing that we are just passing through this life wearing these “earth suits,” and the real world was where ever God is and she was going there. She had a very rare acceptance of death and never expressed any fear. I admired this beautiful quality about her and learned much during our short friendship.

Nine months after the wedding had passed, I went to visit Fran at her father’s home. The treatments had stopped working and she was terminal. It was a beautiful May day and she asked me to take her outside in her wheelchair so she could feel the sun on her face and smell the freshness of spring. She was stunningly lovely and happy in this moment. She shared that she didn’t think the end would come this soon. Eight days later she passed peacefully away at home. That beautiful Soul left her pain filled body to soar home to God.

As her illness progressed, Fran had planned her funeral as a happy remembrance of her time with all of us. She even had the countenance to have a significant song played for all of her friends at her funeral. It was called “Forever Young,” and it carried a message for all of us to remember her by, and take to heart.

Some months had elapsed after Fran’s passing. My route home from work took me past the cemetery where Fran was buried. I thought of her often when I came to this part of my drive. One day I was thinking of her with much love and gratitude for all the many things I had learned from her. Just as I came upon the cemetery the song “Forever Young” came on the radio! I was so overwhelmed with love I had to pull the car over as the tears flowed. The Divine had heard the prayers in my heart as the loving memories flooded so dearly through me. What a precious gift! I know now this was an awake dream, a daytime spiritual experience. I shared my experience with my husband and he exclaimed the same experience had happened to him as he drove by the cemetery! We expressed how grateful we both were at this extraordinary gift!

There are times I’ve asked my inner guide and spiritual teacher Del, a Prophet of God, if I can see Fran in a dream and I’ve had various nighttime dreams with her. We are just hanging out being friends. Fran always appeared much younger, quite lovely, and as vital as ever. In one particular dream she was helping me with a relationship that had ended painfully for me. In the dream I was sitting on a couch with several other people watching a television show. The person who ended the relationship was lying across our laps. He was very heavy and I told Fran how angry I was. She and the other people looked at me questionably. I was struggling to get out from under his weight all the while talking to Fran. During our talk her loving demeanor helped change my attitude from one of hurt and anger to happy, positive, and free from the negative emotions I was holding. I had become free from all those negative emotions. A heavy weight had been lifted from me. I miss Fran dearly to this day but will always be grateful to have shared this lifetime with her.

Written by Nancy Nelson

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