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There are very few things of greater value we could share with you than HU. HU (pronounced hue) is an ancient name for God that can also be sung in loving gratitude as the purest of prayers. It raises you up and opens you up to be able to accept more of God’s Love. The author of the following story shares her experience of singing HU for the first time in this life.


The first time I heard about the HU it was slightly out of my comfort zone. I had certainly listened to hymnals growing up and felt uplifted by some of them, but I had never heard about just singing a love song to God as a prayer. So when Del said he wanted to share something very special with us at the end of my class at the Nature Awareness School, it was out of the box that I had about religion. I had tried chants before in yoga classes as a teenager and honestly did not really enjoy them. Would this be like those? No. Would singing this sound bring me closer to God? Yes. Would singing this song really express the love that I felt inside for the Heavenly Father? Yes. Would it be a true prayer? Yes.

I trusted Del. Everything he had taught me so far had rung true and I was willing to give something new a try. There was nothing to lose, and maybe there was actually something to it. And there was.

When the class of about twelve people started to sing HU I felt a little awkward at first, but the more I sang, the more I relaxed. I remember what Del had said before we started, it does not matter so much what your voice sounds like, it is about the love that you send when you are singing. And the more I relaxed, and focused on sending love in each HU, the more familiar it sounded. It was like I remembered this sound, even though I had never heard it before. We sang for about fifteen minutes, and it was the most beautiful song I had ever heard. I heard sounds within sounds. It actually brought tears to my eyes. This was Heavenly music. This was a completely new way for me to pray, to just say thank you and I love you to God. As we sang I just knew that God had heard me and felt such a deep peace knowing that. Something seemingly so simple had touched me deeply.

Now, after almost fifteen years of singing HU, I have grown to understand the value of the gift he gave me that day. Singing the HU has changed my life. I am so grateful to Del for teaching me this prayer. I am also grateful to have had the courage that day to try something new, to briefly step out of the little box I lived in, and experience a new way to express love to the Divine. The HU, a love song to God, so simple, yet so pure and beautiful.

Written by Molly Comfort