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This story is about more than the loss of a beloved pet. It is about having the wisdom, trust, and strength to focus on the positive in a time of genuine sadness. Those who have this attitude of gratitude will be able to travel through the rough patches in life with less wear and tear.


I am eleven years old and I had an amazing, amiable boy cat named Adam. His personality was adorable and I loved him dearly. He knew how to give and receive love. On March 11, 2015 my family and I had to take him to the veterinarian and put him down. He had a urinary tract infection which had damaged his kidneys. He was only three years old and I was extremely sad! I trusted God and knew in my heart this happened for a reason, but it still hurt. Even so, I decided it would be better to be grateful for the time I had with him instead of being sad about the time I didn’t.

I know you can visit loved ones in dreams so I asked Prophet several times over the next few nights for a dream with Adam. I did not receive one right away but kept asking and never gave up. One night I had a wonderful dream with him, it was so clear. In the dream I was climbing the stairs to my room to go to sleep. When I opened the door Adam was sitting right there on the floor next to my bed. Once Adam saw me he quickly scrambled under the bed like some cats do. Sadly I got in bed, wishing he had not scurried away. He then peaked his head out with a look on his face that said, “Oh… you want to pet me.” He then snuggled up close to me purring loudly. I could feel his warmth as I scratched his furry little head. It felt so real! I cried both joyful and sad tears. I am very grateful that God and Prophet knew I missed him. It helped me a lot seeing him again.

After a few months I started wondering about getting another kitten as a gift for my upcoming birthday. I then received a magazine I subscribe to and it had a kitten on the cover, which it never does. The month of the issue was my birthday month. I was then reading a book and the girl who had always wished for a kitten received one for her birthday. I took these signs as confirmation of what was in my heart: I was ready for and desired another cat.

I will always have a strong love for Adam as well as for my new kitten, Milo. I’ll always remember Adam and the amazing gift that God gave me.

Written by Zoe Hall