Whatever the endeavor might be, concepts and book learning can only take you so far. In the case of trying to more fully recognize and manifest your divinity, as Soul – an eternal spiritual being, actually experiencing the qualities of Soul does way more than merely talking about them. Those with a living teacher who can help facilitate experiencing the boundlessness of Soul are most fortunate indeed.


During a recent retreat at the Nature Awareness School my spiritual teacher Del provided us an opportunity to experience more of our true selves as Soul. As God’s ordained Prophet he is authorized to guide seekers on journeys to the inner Heavens. He gently helps his students get to know themselves as the Divine spiritual beings that they are. On this particular day I was blessed to experience the exhilarating freedom of being unchained from the confines of the physical body and its limitations.

Prophet began by asking us to think of something we were grateful for as a way of opening our hearts. I thought of my pet chickens and rabbits that bring joy and love to my life. This brought a big smile to my heart as we sang HU, a love song to God. He then invited us to follow him up through the top of the room we were in, pointing out that in the spiritual worlds walls and physical structures were not barriers to Soul, which is made of God’s Light and Sound. I left my outer body sitting in the chair as I rose up to the ceiling with the Prophet in our light bodies. The roof of the building just seemed to melt away as we passed through without effort. Looking down I could see the pond, the school, Del and Lynne’s house, and its lights.

Prophet then suggested we think of our favorite bird and I immediately thought of an eagle. I found myself soaring high above the trees and mountains. My large eagle wings moving in deep, slow, strong motions that propelled me through the air. I maneuvered unencumbered by the limitations of my earth-suit or the laws of the physical world. I felt free! I was tasting my Divine nature and the boundlessness of Soul. My vision was excellent. I could see even the smallest of details on the ground and watched various critters scurry in the grasses below. As a way of reassuring us that we were still our individual selves even though we were out of the body, Prophet asked us to think of someone we loved. I thought of him, as our love connection is so precious and close to my heart.

Together we soared up the valley and I saw Vision Rock, an outcropping of large rocks on school property that has a magnificent view. It is a special place to us students. I remembered sitting on those rocks watching birds soar by or hearing jet planes roaring overhead and wondering what that might feel like. Now I had an idea, but this experience was not just a joy ride to me. It was sacred and purposeful. It also had qualities of peace, calm, assuredness, and strength that came from somewhere deep within.

Just then, Prophet said, “Do not go too far, stay close to the school property.” I think he may have been talking to me. I was having such a great time savoring the freedom and exploring in this way that I may have gone a little farther than he wanted so I circled back and made sure I stayed close. When it was time to return from our adventure we were asked to gather as a group and circle the pond. I still recognized other students in the class even though they appeared as light. Once we were all there Prophet gently and carefully guided us back down into the building and into our earth-suits.

We are so much more than our physical bodies. We are Soul first that has a body. What a profound and life changing perspective! For those of us blessed with this experience or ones like it, this statement is not just a mental concept or even a belief. It is reality. The Prophet arranges these types of experiences for his students so that we may gain first-hand knowledge of the truth in this statement and activate the qualities of our true self. With Prophet in my heart and by my side, I soar as a spiritual eagle in this glorious reality that is Soul.

Written by Lorraine Fortier