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The days seemingly turn into weeks, months, and years faster with the passing of every season. Through this passage of time the loss of our loved ones is one of the experiences that hurts the most. Even if we have a strong faith in the afterlife it is still sad to no longer be in the presence of our loved ones physically. Fortunately, we can reconnect in dreams and once again share moments of love.


Missing your parents after they have passed on can make your heart heavy sometimes, but when you are blessed with a dream with both of them it can lighten your heart, lift your spirits, and make you grateful for the opportunity to see them again. My parents passed away a couple of years ago and sometimes I go through moments when I really miss them. Sometimes I think about them and the love they shared with each other and to our family and others and it opens my heart. One night I went to bed and said a prayer. I asked Prophet and God, if it was their will could I be blessed with a dream. I did not think of anything in particular to have a dream about, but left it open for Prophet to choose.

That night I had a dream with my mother and father. We were at our house where I grew up and we were standing in the backyard. When I was growing up we had talked about putting a swimming pool in the backyard; at least I did. We had the space for it and I thought how great it would be to be able to swim and float in it when ever we wanted. In the dream as we stood in the yard I decided to wander over to a place where my mother had grown grapes. The vines grew on a fence that my father built especially for her so she could grow grapes. She loved her grape vines and as a kid I remember picking grapes so my mother could make grape jelly and grape juice. As I walked behind the fence where the vines hung, there appeared a pool, a natural spring pool or pond. It was in a circular shape with smooth large stones that lined the bottom and lined the edge of the water. The water was crystal clear and it was very inviting. When my mother saw the pool she immediately wanted to go in. My mother in her later years struggled with walking and always needed assistance in the form of a cane or walker. In the dream I helped her to the edge of the pool and then I helped her in. I got in with her, the water was cool and refreshing, it also was soothing and healing. I helped my mother float around and she gently kicked her legs. She was so happy.

Growing up my mother did not learn how to swim, she would sometimes comment that she wished that she had learned how to swim because she would have enjoyed going in the water much more and not be afraid. In the dream she was totally at peace floating in the water. While we floated my father came to the edge of the pool and I asked him if he wanted to get in, he said yes and decided to sit down and put his feet in. He gently moved his feet back in forth experiencing the refreshing water on his feet and legs. Both of them had big smiles on their faces. Seeing their smiles opened my heart. I was so happy to see them again and to see them do something that brought them joy. I gently floated my mother over to my father and they looked at each other with such love in their eyes and hearts, I could feel it. They turned and looked at me and then I woke up. As I awoke I began to cry, I was crying because I was so grateful for that experience with my parents in the dream. As I lay there I thanked Prophet and God for the dream and for answering my prayer.

After reflecting on the dream I knew that the dream was a true blessing! In my heart I specifically asked the Prophet for a dream, and I received one. I felt that God and His Prophet gave me this dream because they love me and wanted me to know that my parents loved me too. It was also a chance to see my parents again and to know that they are fine, plus swim in the pool that I always wanted. This dream was comforting, uplifting, and healing, and just when I needed it! Thank you Prophet for allowing this to dream to happen, I am very grateful!

Written by Golder O’Neill