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God has given us the gift of being able to choose our state of consciousness. This choice is made daily by our thoughts, actions, and attitudes. The choice on whether to focus on things that close our hearts or on things that open our hearts is ours. What a sacred responsibility and opportunity.


Several months ago God gave me a dream that really helped me. I dreamed that I was asleep and in the dream I woke up and went downstairs to find the two main doors in our house were open a crack. I felt uneasy about this. Were they open all night? Was someone in the house? Were they left unlocked? I awoke with a slight uneasiness still lingering inside.

I knew this dream was significant, but I was unsure of what the Prophet was teaching me. I decided to take this into contemplation. This is a most amazing way to receive insight from the Divine. I started by singing HU, a love song to God, with the intent to understand the dream better. I realized while singing HU the doors were symbolic of areas in my life that were gateways to negativity. After singing HU I sat quietly and asked the Prophet to help me see areas that I was allowing this negative influence into my life and consciousness. The Prophet showed me that I had been allowing thoughts of unworthiness to linger within me. These were subtle thoughts of doubting that I was worthy of love. I was not drawing clear boundaries of what I would allow myself to think about. This was due to sloppy thinking and not staying nourished spiritually.

I began to sing a special prayer “The Prophet loves me. I am worthy of the Prophet’s love. I accept the Prophet’s love. I love you Prophet!” I felt my heart begin to fill even more with love. I felt relief from the doubt that I had allowed into my state of being. With this doubt removed, more of God’s Light and Love could then come into my heart! A discourse from Prophet then flowed into me. It is my privilege and responsibility to safeguard what I allow into my consciousness. My consciousness is like my home. I want it to be warm and inviting to God and His Prophet. I want love in my home and it to be a safe welcoming place for my loved ones.

Then Prophet showed me that the other open door in the house was anger. Just the night before I felt anger over something and then I noticed how that anger bled into another issue. I began getting upset about things that were fine! It happened so fast. Prophet gave me clarity to see how quickly I can go down an unproductive road when I get angry. Having the feeling was not the problem, but focusing on it and dwelling in that state was like leaving an open door for more negativity to enter. It is important for me to have self-control in this area and I appreciated this lesson from the Prophet. This is not the first time Prophet has made me aware of this particular passion of the mind.

Prophet explained that there could be other areas to be watchful of, but that the main point was to be aware of my thoughts and remember that it is a God given gift to be able to choose what to focus on. My life is full of God’s Love and that is what I want to focus on. Staying spiritually nourished by spending quality time with God’s Prophet is key. It is because of my relationship with Prophet that I am able to live a life of more freedom than I used to. I have the freedom to truly be happy. Thank you, Prophet!

Written by Carmen Snodgrass