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As convenient as modern technology can be, it has its obvious limits. If you do not have your phone, you’re not getting the call. If your internet is down, you’re not seeing your emails. Fortunately, the “inner” communication of Soul is always up and running and can get the message through to those who know the “Language of the Divine.”


It is amazing and beautiful how God’s timing works. Several years ago I did a search on Craigslist for a personal trainer to help me get in physical shape. I said a prayer and asked for God’s guidance to know which trainer would be the right one? God knew. After talking to several people at gyms and fitness facilities, I was lead to the right person. We trained in his fiancee’s garage – not in your normal gym. This was perfect.

We had fun working out and began talking about God, events from our childhood, and the everyday ups and downs in life. We were getting in shape both physically and spiritually. As we talked we saw the blessings and miracles in our lives. We looked deeper into the events that were happening to us and appreciated Gods guidance. We discussed how going through tough lessons in life have made us stronger, and as we went through them, we knew we were not alone. God has been there every step of the way. The year we spent training brought our families together and I was the sister he never had. We kinda adopted one another. We do not always have time to call one another on a regular basis, yet we know we are there for one another.

I had a part time job between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I was working double shifts so it did not leave me much free time. On a Friday afternoon as I left work I got a strong nudge to call my trainer. It was the end of a very long week and all I wanted to do was get something to eat and go to bed. But I scrolled thru my phone for his number but my thumb hit the wrong contact number. “Yes” I said “I would like to talk to that person, but not now.” I kept scrolling and again pushed the wrong contact. I still had this strong urge that I have to talk with my trainer. Finally I got the right number.

I called and there was no answer so I left a message. He called back. I said “Hey, how are you and the family doing?” He says “we are all doing good, I’m a little stressed right now. Are you going to be there?” I asked what he was talking about. “I have been trying to get a hold of you for two weeks now. I dropped my phone in the toilet and lost all my contact numbers. My fiancee and I are getting married in one hour.” I was surprised and asked him to repeat what he said. “We are getting married at the township magistrate in one hour, can you be there?” “Ahhhh, yeah, but I am still in my work clothes and I do not have time to go home and change.” He told me that did not matter, that me being there is what mattered to him and his fiancee. He said “Did you get my email with the details?”  I said “No, what email, I have not received anything. I am following the nudge I got.” I asked if he had said any prayers and he answered “Yes, I prayed last night and asked God for someone from my family to be there for me.” I said “Well, your prayers were heard and answered.”  So, I turned the car around and headed to the marriage ceremony.

As a student at the Nature Awareness School I have learned to listen to and follow the nudges. Every time I do, it turns out to be a blessing. I am so grateful God communicates with me. It was beautiful to see my adopted brother and his fiancee get married. Thank you Prophet.

Written by Rebecca Vettorel