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God sees and knows all – all that has passed and all that will come to be. He seeks to share some of this vision with His children when there is an opportunity to bless us. The key is learning how to recognize and follow those gentle whisperings – those nudges or seemingly random thoughts for what they are. They are gifts of love in the form of guidance.

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I remember exactly where I was sitting when it happened. The idea came gently, as if carried by a soft breeze through an open window. I could go visit my mother. A seemingly random idea, but I wanted to consider it. You see I have learned from the Prophet that when I place attention on gentle nudges like this I may be able to appreciate something more. Something I had not been aware of. It could be a loving nudge from the Holy Spirit to help me have a much more abundant life.

My mother had been sick for a long time. She was in her eighties now and her kidneys were failing. Her condition was stable. Nothing had changed as far as we knew. I had just visited only weeks ago. I live in Virginia and my mother lived with my younger brother and sister over nine hundred miles away in Florida. It really did not make sense to go now. About six months ago she had been discharged from the hospital to home hospice care. I had been able to be there. It was a bittersweet time. My brother, her real primary caregiver for years, and my sister and I were there as the nurse explained things and did a brief exam. Our mother was frightened and confused and we all just wanted to help her. The nurse’s name was Maria and we liked her right away. She was right out of “central casting,” except she was not acting. She really cared. You could see it in everything she did.

I would like to share with you just one of the amazing blessings that were given in this. Maria had a beautiful Spanish accent and my mother just happened to love the Spanish language. I think this connected her to a very happy time in her life. A long time ago she was a bright college student working on a master’s degree in the Spanish language. Mom was to have several different nurses take care of her over the next months. It turned out that Maria was the one who admitted new patients, not one of the nurses assigned to regular care. It seemed unfortunate at the time, but it turned out to be very fortunate indeed.

So, back to the idea of a visit. The gentle nudge or thought was to come again over the next few days before I suggested the idea to my husband. My mother really loved my husband and she had not seen him for a while. We could have a nice visit. We could fly to Tampa, rent a car, and drive the rest of the way. This would take us over a really long, high, bridge that spans Tampa Bay that I had seen on a previous visit, that I thought my husband would enjoy. We decided to go. There just happened to be a great inexpensive charter flight available with the perfect departure and arrival times. We got in late on a Friday. My brother had told us right before we left that everything was stable with mom. He then greeted us with the news that our mother had stopped eating and was becoming unresponsive.

She did not seem to be with us much that first evening, and she had not spoken except for a few words. But as we started to say goodnight, all of a sudden in a strong clear voice she said, “I love you all.” This was a pretty stunning gift for all of us, but I thought it may have been an especially beautiful gift for my brother. Maybe a thank you for his long devotion and care.

Many amazing things continued to happen over the next few days. We were able to arrange for everything that would be needed to care for her and everyone, as the time of our mother’s passing grew near. Everything just seemed to fall into place. It was as if we were being gently guided by God’s Love. And that is what was happening. We called hospice to come check her and check us to make sure we were able to care for all her needs. Her regular nurse was on vacation and so you may have guessed, Maria came. She lovingly examined our mother and said that she seemed exceptionally peaceful. We asked if she might be better cared for in an actual hospice. Maria said that if she was someone in her own family she would not move her. She would keep her right there.

Our mother peacefully passed on a few days later. We needed to call hospice and let them know and then they would send her nurse. Her nurse was still on vacation, so Maria came. She checked our mother and then we all sat and talked, and cried, and were just generally very grateful for how blessed we had all been. But the blessings did not stop there. There was the calling of family and friends. It was amazing to see the solace that was given back and forth. We had one sister and our niece in Puerto Rico and our older brother in California. Everyone was able to come. We were all able to be together.

Everything just worked out, down to the flowers, and the food, and the pictures, to who just happened to sit near each other to say something, or be able to touch someone at just the right time. Everything worked out beautifully. It was way beyond anything we could have done. It all was an example of what a loving God does. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that months earlier I had prayed and asked the Prophet that if I could be of help, could I please be there at her passing. It all turned out in the end like it always does, if we have the eyes to see. This may sound too good to be true. It’s not. It’s what God, the Holy Spirit, and the Prophet do for us, usually unnoticed.

This is but a glimpse of some of the abundance that God brings into your life through your relationship with His Prophet. I hope you may take time to consider what more there may be for you. His hand is out, will you take it?

Written by Pam Kisner