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You are Soul, an eternal spiritual being created with God’s Love. Your very existence is a testament to the Love that God has for you. This love will continue to sustain, nourish, bless, and ultimately guide you home to God if you learn how to be in Its Presence.

“Be still, and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10 KJV


One cold snowy winter morning I sat in our living room gently contemplating on the Prophet’s presence. A subtle quietude seemed to drape itself over our home and its surroundings like a blanket of warmth and peace. A slight “ting” from the wood stove next to me broke the silence. A moment later, the fan in the basement could be heard whirring as it circulated the warm air. A faint creek in the roof beam overhead brought me present to our many gifts of comfort and protection from the elements. Downstairs I heard my husband clear his throat and the washer going into a spin cycle. The coffee maker in the kitchen chimed in with an intermittent ticking sound, followed by the rattle of dog tags, as our dog Angel shook off the chill and nestled into her favorite corner of the couch. Each sound built, one upon the next, as if instruments directed by an unseen hand.

From the upper right corner of the room came the audible sound of a choir of voices singing “HUUUUUU,” the sound vibration within all sounds. I have come to know this sacred sound as the Voice of our Heavenly Father as it rolls forth from the Heart of God like an ocean wave, sustaining all creation. It’s a voice which speaks directly to our hearts constantly affirming: “I am here. I am always with you. And I love you more than you could ever know.”

The comfort of the chair I was sitting in and the warmth of the blanket that covered my shoulders became apparent to me in this moment, as did my breath and the freshness of the air being provided for me to breathe. My husband’s soothing voice reverberated through the walls as he answered the phone with a warm “good morning.” Realizing the wonderful gift God has given me in him brought tears to my eyes and sent a wave of gratitude through my already full heart.

Life itself is a testimony of God’s Love for us. We are literally swimming in an ocean of His Love and blessings. Imagine that! But why stop there when you can experience the Presence of God’s Love yourself. Close your eyes and listen with your heart to the sounds of life and love that surround you. Sing HU for a few moments as an expression of love and thanks to God in response, for these, your many blessings. Be still and invite the the Presence of God to make itself known to you in new and perhaps unexpected ways. Perhaps you will realize, as I and many others have, that this Presence has been with you all along. And more, that you too are a part of It, a manifestation of God’s Love, a spark of Its precious Light and Sound.

Written by Sandra Lane