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Often the things that are causing us a lack of peace or holding us back have their origins in a prior lifetime. Our mind may not consciously remember the experiences, but we still carry the hurt. When light is shined on the true root cause healing can begin in earnest.


“Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies”    Psalm 23 KJV

God has the ability to bring us together in dreams to resolve the issues of the past, those that hinder our spiritual progress. I had the following dream while attending a class at the Nature Awareness School.

I was at a large banquet. These were Souls I had incarnated with in a previous life. About forty to fifty people sat at a large oaken banquet table filled with an abundance of food. Everyone appeared as they looked in their previous life. A comfortable familiarity existed between us, our love connections still continuing as if no time had passed. Other Souls began to arrive and join us at the table. Each of these individuals had caused harm to one or more Souls already seated. It was as if the verse from the twenty-third Psalm came to life. The Lord had indeed prepared a table for me in the presence and company of my enemies. Yet they were here for the truth, too. There was no preference for anyone injured over those who had caused harm. There were no victims here. All were simply God’s children looking to heal so they could move forward spiritually in this life. This was an amazing opportunity to experience and witness. Truth and acceptance are a powerful combination. Forgiveness, of self and others, is often the byproduct.

I too had the opportunity to confront someone now seated beside me. Anger and unforgiveness welled up within me. Yet I was moved with deep compassion as I saw the openness and sincerity in this Soul’s eyes. He genuinely wanted to understand what harm he might have caused. I pulled back my shirt to show him scars on my chest. These might have been literal scars from that lifetime or it may have been symbolic of the anger and unforgiveness I still carried from our encounter.

Suddenly I heard a soothing voice. I felt reassured and calmed as my body became immobilized. I felt safe and free to relive this familiar experience. Suffocating in my sleep was a recurring nightmare from my childhood. I would often yell and scream as I struggled for what felt like hours to wake. Yet I often woke to find my physical body completely relaxed and breathing normally. Now having been taken to the root cause, there was no longer any need to experience it further. I relived this one last time and by the healing Grace of God have been free of it ever since.

There is only so much room in our hearts. Del, the Prophet, has taught me that our choices and our responses decide in large part what we allow into it. Dreams are one way God can bring awareness to these matters, and lead us to acceptance, and ultimately, healing and freedom. This one experience has brought me greater peace in the form of more forgiveness, compassion, and freedom. I am grateful for this blessing!

Written by Chris Comfort