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It is such a blessing when the Prophet raises us up spiritually so we may see things clearly as they really are. He can show us the truth about ourselves, our loved ones, and others in our life. We can then have more compassion and tolerance, thereby allowing us to love more freely. The truth truly does set us free.

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One evening while attending a retreat at the Nature Awareness School, we sang HU as a group. Singing HU is a pure prayer to God. Our intent while singing this HU was to send love to bless others. Often when we stop thinking of ourselves and instead think of someone else, we end up being blessed many times over. This is exactly what happened!

While I was singing HU, I saw myself as Soul. I was a beautiful, golden sphere of light. I was in a car wash with the Light of God raining down on me. God’s Light was enveloping me in pink, orange, and blue light as it cleansed me. Next, I was cleansed and filled up with golden light. The color pink represents emotions and I felt that I was given the gift of an emotional healing, even though I was not yet clear on what it was. Gold light represents God’s Love for me. After I was healed, I was then filled with God’s pure Love.

Next during this experience Del, my teacher, said that someone else could get in the spiritual shower with us. I saw my grandmother with me, and then we were both surrounded by white light. During this experience, my grandmother looked so free, weightless, and excited in a childlike way. Her face was relaxed and lit up with happiness. In the physical, my grandmother can be grumpy and difficult to get along with at times. During this experience, I was able to witness Grandma as her true self, Soul. I was grateful to see this more real side of my grandmother instead of the rough exterior I see sometimes in the physical.

When I shared this experience in class it was pointed out to me that maybe my grandmother has a rough exterior to cover up fear, pain, and loneliness deep down. My grandmother was married two times and both of her husbands died of cancer. Grandma definitely misses them and I know she is lonely. Del pointed out many feelings that my grandmother may be experiencing that could cause her to not be the most pleasant person to be around. I had not considered this side before. This experience by the Grace of God has shown me a new way to view my grandmother. Instead of seeing just the outer, I have more clarity and empathy towards her. This has freed me from my own judgments and I am able to love Grandma more freely and on a deeper level.

This experience has shown me a different way to see my grandmother, but also that other people I come across in life may be going through difficult times which could cause them to act more prickly towards others. After this experience, I have been able to change my perspective and attitudes towards a few people in my life, as well as strangers I come across in stores, on the phone, at work, etc. I found that by not judging people based on their surface waves I am more free to treat them how I would like for them to treat me. It is easier to give solace and have compassion for others when I see them as Soul. Not only is this a gift for others, but it also allows me to live more freely.

Thank you Prophet for this valuable experience.

Written by Michelle K. Reuschling