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It is hard for some to understand or accept that they too can travel into the Heavens as Saint Paul described. It seems impossible or even blasphemous to consider. I can assure you – it is not. Each one of us is Soul, a Divine child of God, that exists because God loves us. We too are worthy of making the journey if we have a teacher who knows the way.

“Prophet Shares God’s Light” contains many testimonies of spiritual travel into the Heavens with the Prophet.


In the Bible, 2 Corinthians 12:2, Saint Paul says that he knew a man that was caught up to the third Heaven. He also mentions that he did not know if it was in the body or out of the body… but he was caught up to paradise and heard inexpressible things. If you continue reading, it sounds like he was actually sharing his own personal experience.

Did you ever think about the magnitude of that statement? While alive he was taken to visit Heaven. But who took him, how did he get there, and can we go? If he mentioned a third Heaven that implies there is a first and second Heaven. What if there are many more than three Heavens? What if you or I could be escorted to them to develop our relationship with God and experience just how much He loves us?

Over many years, I have personally been taken by Del, a true Prophet of God, on journeys into Heaven, to experience some of the wonderful and inexpressible things that Saint Paul suggests exist. At a class many years ago, I was among a small group of students who sat with Del as he led us in a HU Sing. As we sang this love song and ancient name for God, I became aware of a white beam of spiritual light that encompassed the room and all within it. This beam of light emanated from far above us, farther up than I could see with my physical eyes.

As we continued to sing HU, I had an incredible feeling of being raised up into the light. This was indescribable! As I settled in, I felt as if we were in a spiritual elevator of sorts. We would rise up and then for brief periods of time we would pause, this appeared to help us acclimate to our new surroundings. I had no idea where we were going or what to expect, but I had an open heart, a deep trust in the Prophet, and a wonderful child-like excitement. Sometimes as we were moving up the planes of existence, Heavens, I would catch a glimpse of color and or hear a faint Heavenly sound. From many more trips through the planes, I have seen and experienced that there are certain colors and sounds associated with each Heaven. Here are some of the major colors and sounds that I have experienced on the various planes; Green-Thunder, Pink-Roar of the Sea, Orange-Tinkling Bells, Blue-Running Water, Purple-Buzzing of Bees, Pale Yellow to white -Single Note of a Flute, Wind, Violins, and the HU.

Only a direct representative of God has the permission, the capability, the wisdom, and the discernment to escort Souls up the planes and to do so safely. As it is phrased in the Bible, we traveled “in spirit,” meaning as Soul, our true self, we left our physical bodies behind and were taken to these beautiful Heavens. Our physical bodies were always protected until our safe return. As we rose up through the planes, I felt lighter and lighter, less restricted, freer, more peaceful, and truly alive. As we passed through each plane it felt as if another restrictive layer of clothing had been shed. And as each of these layers fell away, I saw myself brighter, purer, and more beautiful. There were times when we would pause on a particular plane and Del would introduce us to a great spiritual being, guide, or temple guardian whose form radiated with a brilliant Heavenly light. During some of these journeys we were invited into a magnificent spiritual temple for a brief tour. These temples seemed to be made of and emanated an incredibly beautiful Heavenly Light and Sound.

Each of these experiences with the light and sound changed me in some unexplained way and helped to prepare and condition me for another step on my spiritual journey. These visits, interactions, and experiences also blessed me with many insights, lessons, teachings, and practical information on how to live a more abundant and more joyful physical life here and now. Those first journeys were similar to being a tourist passing through a new city, but with each experience I have been able to remember and more fully incorporate the gifts, teachings, and love I have received. Over the years through these and similar experiences I have been blessed with witnessing how much God loves each of us, and how much He wants to bless all His children. These blessings are not just reserved for the Saints of the Bible but also for you and I. Whether it was for Saint Paul two thousand years ago or for us now, there are opportunities to be consciously escorted to Heaven with a Prophet of God, and to experience His vast and incredible Love.

Written by Jason Levinson