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God can literally reach into the physical and change the course of events to keep us safe if it is not our time to go. I wonder how many times this happens and just gets considered good luck? God certainly does not need the credit. We are the ones who benefit when our blessings are recognized.


Traveling home from a winter class at the Nature Awareness School it had begun to snow when I got to the mountains of West Virginia. The highways were clear of snow but once I took the exit to go to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the roads began to get covered and slick. There was a little red car in front of me. I was able to keep up for awhile but it was going faster than I felt was safe, so I let it gain distance until it disappeared out ahead. I was trying to be cautious and travel slower, below the speed limit.

When cresting a hill and starting down the other side I saw a tractor-trailer coming from the opposite direction. Wanting to slow down more, I pulled the gear shifter from Drive down into Third gear. Wrong thing to do! My car started to slide and then in a mild panic I over compensated which caused more sliding. The lights of the tractor-trailer were getting closer and closer! I saw a yard and some cars to my right. All I could think of was “body shop.” Now the back end of the car began to slide around toward the front of the car – “this is not good!” Now, as I am slowly spinning around and sliding towards the tractor-trailer my thought was “this is going to hurt,” so I closed my eyes and yelled out to God. It was loud and clear.

The truck came to a complete stop and my car had finally stopped moving. I did not come close to the tractor-trailer or slam into the hillside. God had his hand on my car, that is the only way it can be explained. The car stopped so gently, just before a drain inlet. There was no jarring, crunching, or damage of any kind. Once I opened my eyes and began breathing again, I knew and immediately thanked God. The tractor-trailer started up the hill again and once it had passed, all I had to do was back up a little and get over to the right side of the road. Thank you God for always being with and protecting me.

Written By Rebecca Vettorel