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Even though our time in the physical comes to an end, we will see our loved ones again. Until then, dreams afford us with a very real opportunity to continue our relationship by spending time together. The love we experience in dreams is just as real as in waking life.

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My grandmother passed away when I was a young child. At the time I was confused about her death and it was the first time I can remember experiencing the feeling of loss and deep sadness. We were very close and I loved her very much. However, sometime shortly after her death I had a dream with her. In the dream we spent time together in her workshop. She used to make beautiful stained glass artwork and windows. I sat on her workbench and watched her make stained-glass windows enjoying our time together. I do not recall us talking in the dream but I experienced the bond of love we shared. This dream brought me a lot of comfort during a time of hurt. My heart began to heal from the loss and over the years I would have a dream with her from time to time.

I had dreams where she was at some of my sports games cheering me on. I saw her seated in the bleachers smiling and happy. These dreams were so real that when I would wake up a part of me knew that she was not gone forever and she was fine wherever she was. At the age of twenty I moved from a small town in Colorado to the Northern Virginia area. This was a big transition for me. Shortly after my move I had another dream with my grandma where she looked at me and into my eyes and said, “It’s all alright.” I awoke from that dream with a feeling of comfort and peace that I cherished during a time where everything around me was new and unfamiliar. My dreams had become a way for our relationship to continue even though she had passed on.

A few years after my move, I began taking classes at the Nature Awareness School. There I learned that dreams are a way that the Divine communicates with us and each of us has our own personal dream language. This resonated with me and my dream experiences over the years with my grandmother only confirmed this truth. The school helped me really claim that these are REAL experiences. This realization has been a beautiful blessing in my life and it has shown me that our loved ones live on beyond the physical. The dreams with my grandma over the years have brought me comfort, love, peace and helped heal the hurt I experienced in her passing.

Our dreams are REAL experiences. We may not always understand them and sometimes they may seem convoluted. But I can truly say that I understand more of my personal dream language through the spiritual tools I have learned at the Nature Awareness School.

Written by Shanna Bixenmann

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