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God uses His Light as a major way to deliver blessings to Soul. The light may come to us in the dream state, during prayer, or contemplation, while spiritually traveling, or in the following example, in the waking state. The more we are blessed to experience the Light of God, the more conditioned we become to accepting the blessings contained within the light. One of which, is comforting us through lifting sadness from our heart.


“The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handiwork.” Psalm 19:1 KJV

In the fall of 1997 I was driving the fifty-minute commute to my new job. As I did each morning, I sang HU the entire way into the city. Not an innate morning person, I appreciated the peaceful time to express my love directly to God. It was a time of great change in my life. It was one of those transitional periods where a relationship, job, and living arrangements all had recently ended. Everything was wide open, new, and uncertain. It was an amazing opportunity to put more of my trust and focus from the changing temporal world and onto the solid foundation of the Divine.

My experiences at the Nature Awareness School had blessed me with seeing the Light of God many times. At the school in the presence of my spiritual teacher, Del Hall, I experienced this light many times. Flashes of pink, bursts of blues and orange, beams of white and gold. As my spiritual strength and endurance developed under his guidance, so did the length, clarity, and intensity of the light I experienced.

The common thread at this time was that my experiences with the Light of God all occurred at the Nature Awareness School in the presence of Del. Though I spent several weekends a year there, most of the year was lived off the mountain. And that life was surely in need of the Light of God! It is impractical for the Prophet to be with you physically everywhere. But spiritually you can be aware of his presence throughout your day and in doing so, invest in your relationship with God through one of His living Prophets, whom He always blesses us with here on Earth.

So that morning as I drove into the city I experienced a mixture of sadness and hope, wondering about my place in God’s great creation. Where was I heading? I wondered. What was God’s plan for me, and for my life? The morning sky was slowly transitioning from dark to light – a metaphor for my life the two years I had been coming to the school. The sun was just waking, the colors of the day beginning to stir.

Suddenly the sky filled with the purest blue light. It was not an everyday, afternoon blue sky. It was startling. It stretched like blue fire from horizon to horizon. It surrounded me in a bubble of grace and warmth. I had seen the sky fill with supernatural blue light once before on a farm – years before I started coming to the school. That was also during a time of great transition. It tugged at my heart then as it did now, but I had not been conditioned to accept the amount of love present in the light. It had opened my heart and soothed me, but I did not recognize the holy Presence of God and the unconditional love that was there for me.

Fortunately the road I was on was a highway, a straight road with few cars at this time and no traffic lights. I continued to HU. The sky again filled with blue. I recognized this as the Prophet’s presence. Though not limited to it, the color blue is often the spiritual calling card of the Prophet of the times. As the sky filled I felt my heart fill with God’s Love. Yes, I was going through changes in my life, and maybe a few hardships, but I was not abandoned. I felt my sadness lift, replaced by a certainty that I would not take a single step alone. The Prophet, visible or not, would accompany me every step of the way, both at the school and off the mountain.

From the beginning Del, the Prophet, has inspired me to take the love and light that I experienced every time I set foot on the property and bring it with me into my daily life. Singing HU and appreciating the Hand of the Divine that touches my life on a daily basis has helped me draw nigh to God and deepen my awareness of that sacred, unbreakable connection. There is stability and love in my life now that I did not even dream of then.

That day God declared His Heavenly Love for me. The sky full of spiritual light was a Divine gift that brought a profound healing. Fears and doubts fell away, replaced by a confidence that I could experience the Prophet in all areas of my life and not just when I was at class. To walk in the Love of God is immensely personal and a direct reflection of one’s relationship with the Divine. My relationship with the Prophet has grown over the last twenty years. It has enhanced all my other relationships and delivered me to the very abode of my Creator.

How grateful I am that God never abandons His children. He provides healing, clarity, protection, and a Prophet here in the physical to teach us, guide us, and walk with us all the way back to the Heart of God. Thank you Del, for guiding me on this sacred journey.

Written by Chris Comfort