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God’s Love is the food of Soul. It is all around us shining through into our daily lives in numerous ways. There is no lack of Divine Love, it is simply a matter of learning to recognize it in all its forms. Most fortunate are those who have been given the eyes to see this love.

Inspire yourself with these amazing stories of God’s Love.


One evening as I prepared for bed after a day at the Nature Awareness School, I knelt in prayer by my sleeping bag and asked to more clearly see the many ways in which God’s Love pours into my life and to help me accept more of it. Sometime later I awoke in a dream, and found that I was at my home, a few hours drive away from the school.

In this dream I was aware of my teacher standing next to me after he inwardly led me to my home. As I looked around I could clearly see that everything in my life is an expression of God’s Love. I saw the smiles of my children and wife, the fruit trees in the yard and forest beyond, the furniture, house, and land; all these things are expressions of God’s Love. As I looked around, seeing my usual surroundings in a new light, I perceived that all these everyday things of life sparkled with a golden light. The Prophet, my teacher, walked with me and showed me that all my relationships and all the objects in life, from cars to couches, from food to fresh water, are all available to me by the Grace of God, and are actual physical manifestations of the Light and Sound of God, the Love of God. I cannot say exactly how this information was conveyed to me, for I did not hear words spoken, but simply knew.

In this experience we even drove along my regular routes to the children’s school and to my workshop and office. The way was paved with golden light. I could see there were no limits to the many forms of love, which are present in my life, and I am constantly surrounded by God’s Love. It is present in a fixed, static form that comprises buildings and items, it comes through other loved ones in my life, and there is also a dynamic, flowing love which constantly pours forth into my heart, through the Prophet, from the very Heart of God.

So take a moment to look around your own life, and with Divine help and inspiration, see it all in a new light. There is no need to seek the Love of God, for you have this already in the measure you can accept today. With gratitude for the life we have today, let us draw nearer to God, and find a more abundant life tomorrow as God responds to our invitations, and draws nearer to us.

Written by Timothy Donley